One Light a hit

While many chose to celebrate the New Year in the hours leading up to and on the actual day, others opted to do their partying on the New Year’s bank holiday at One Light.

Some of the crowd during the early part of the event.

The event, which was held for the first time this year, was sold out, and the hundreds that attended definitely had a good time.

They partied from around 1 p.m. well into the night, to the sounds of several deejays including Redbull Three3 Style Champion DJ Puffy, who performed for the last time in Barbados before he goes on tour.

DJ Puffy (right) and Blaqrose Supreme whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

One of the One Light promoters, Kofi Jones, said he was overwhelmed by the response to the event.

“It’s really overwhelming and, quite frankly, a huge relief to see all of our time and effort come to fruition. It’s honestly a blessing,” he said.

Jones said the event was a combined effort of the promoters of Day One the Cruise and Daylight the Cruise.

“We would hold it again in the future but we are also looking to do other events with this team,” he said.

Another promoter Jason Simmons said he too was extremely proud of the event and the work he and his fellow promoters did.

“One Light isn’t solely my event. It’s two entities that came together and personally the outcome of the event and success of the it and people that came out, I feel amazing to see that a group of young entertainers could pull off something like that. To see that all the late nights, planning and going over and over we actually got to bring it to life. The response from the crowd the support, I feel nothing but love and joy. Thats how I feel inside. I know for sure the guys feel the same, we still have the writing paper and pen jotting down more ideas for things we want to bring it to life, so stay tuned for that,” Simmons said.

DJ Ramon G (right) and Dj Fabio got the party started.
Kerry the drummer.
‘Rasta Man” surprised the crowd with his sand sculptures.

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