Feuding cousins

Family dispute over garbage ends up in rock throwing

A 55-year-old Black Rock, St Michael resident Tuesday admitted to unlawfully assaulting his own cousin and occasioning him actual bodily harm.

The charge against Harold McDonald Payne of Free Hill stemmed from a rock-throwing incident on December 27.

The court heard that Payne and his cousin Anthony Straker, who live in close proximity to each other, were constantly feuding and on the day in question, Straker observed Payne putting garbage on his property and “burning stuff” at the back of his residence.

After warning Payne not to venture back onto his property, Straker reportedly took up a sheet of galvanize and threw it back onto his cousin’s property.

The situation deteriorated from there as Payne allegedly took up two stones and threw them at Straker who allegedly retaliated.

However, Straker was struck on his left leg just above his knee before Payne ran off and Straker reported the matter to the police.

Payne was arrested three days later.

When the matter came up in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court Tuesday, Payne stepped out of the dock on more than one occasion as he sought to demonstrate what had occurred, but was sternly ordered by court officers to, “get back in the dock!”

However, he proceeded with his explanation saying it was not him, but a cat which took two little supermarket bags over by his cousin’s home.

“It was not me,” Payne insisted.

He also said Straker was the one quarreling and that he had warned his cousin not to throw garbage by his fencing.

Nonetheless, “He [Straker] throw them back an lick down my pudding and ham, so I pelt one stone at him and he pelt some big rocks at me,” said Payne, who again left the dock to demonstrate how he was pelting the rocks.

“So I had to duck, cause he pelting big rocks and I pelting small little ones called torpedoes . . .and I whistle one at the fence.”

While admitting to his part in the dispute, Payne went on to appeal to Magistrate Douglas Frederick for leniency, which he suggested could either take the form of a fine or community service, so that he could look after his dog, which he said was known to kill sheep in his area.

“I don’t want to start the New Year like this Sir,” Payne added.

However, the magistrate said he feared that his release could make the situation worse to which Payne replied saying: “No Sir he [Straker] is a Christian man”.

Frederick immediately responded saying: “If he is a Christian man, [then] you have to come to a Christian understanding as well”.

The matter was adjourned until January 12 when Straker is expected to appear in court.

In the meantime, Payne has been placed on a six-month bond and ordered to keep the peace.

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  1. Jai Khan
    Jai Khan January 4, 2017 at 11:51 pm

    You are not strangers..one blood for goodness sake! You must do better


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