Teen heroes

Two young Friendship Terrace, St Michael teenagers have emerged as heroes after they saved their home from being gutted by a New Year’s Eve fire.

Thirteen-year-old Amal Ward and his 12-year-old cousin Nickayla Sealy sprang into action when the blaze started at about 3:30 on Saturday afternoon.

Amal Ward and Nickayla Sealy

Nickayla told Barbados TODAY her first thought was to save her sleeping two-year-old cousin, while Amal was brave enough to extinguish the fire with a bucket of water.

Homeowner Kim Ward, 36, was on her way to the village shop when her neighbours told her the house was burning.

“Before I left a mind just tell me to shut the back door, so I shut it and went up to the shop for a top up. But by the time I get there they called me and told me to come back home because my house burning; [and] Nickayla went and take up the baby out the bedroom,” she said.

A window which was damaged as a result of the blaze.

Contending that the fire had been one of a series of recent incidents occurring at her home, Ward told Barbados TODAY she believed that there was something suspicious about the blaze.

“It won’t be burning just so; somebody would have had to do something. I called the police and tell them that somebody try to burn down the house because that’s the only conclusion somebody would have had to pelt something towards the house to the back of my bedroom for that to happen. I know the sun does be hot at the back of my bedroom but it can’t be that hot to cause a fire.”

She also said she would definitely have to secure her home to prevent any more such incidents.

“I could change the boards but right now I got to do more than that, I have to fence around my yard because prior to that somebody come and they carry way the light of the truck,” Ward said.

Source: (AGB)

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