SMNW dominate

A superb hat-trick, by striker Kavian Inniss, propelled St Michael North West to a resounding 6-1 victory against St Michael West Tuesday evening at the Friendship Ground.

However, that performance could not cover the lack of discipline by players and poor organization that continues to plague the National Sports Council Youth Development Programme Under-17 Football Tournament.

Three games were scheduled to play Tuesday afternoon, with only two being kicked off after the match between St Michael South Central and St Michael North was called off. A number of games in the tournament have failed to start on time as well as a number of no shows. 

St Thomas striker Kevon Griffith (wearing red) had a number of opportunities for his team but was unable to make them count. (Pictures by Morissa Lindsay)

Tuesday’s fixture between St Thomas and St Michael West Central was almost cancelled due to a uniform clash. Luckily, one of St Michael teams was on hand to help St Thomas.

St Michael West were down as early as the tenth minute, when Inniss in a single-handed effort, penetrated the defence and finished easily inside the six-yard box beating custodian Rahiem Burgess.

Four minutes later, North West took a 2-0 lead thanks to untidy work by Burgess who failed to hang onto a save attempt off the boot of Ridon Pilgrim, Aniko Greenidge was in place to finish the job.

A minute before the break and Inniss netted his second to give North West a comfortable 3-0 advantage.

Just when things seemed like it could not get any worse for St Michael West, who currently lead the Western Zone on seven points ahead of St Michael South Central six and St Michael West Central, Shadius Wickham opted to walk off the field leaving some choice words with coach Andrew Tudor.

Returning to the field with only ten players, St Michael West attackers were aggressive on the ball but North West, with some of the top junior national players, responded in kind.

Seven minutes after the restart, North West continued their dominance with national under-17 player, Ricknico Marshall netting number four.

Shadius Wickham, left, of St Michael West tries to keep up with Kavian Inniss who scored an hat-trick for St Michael North West.

All was not lost for St Michael West thanks to the efforts of Shakeem Clarke. Ever persistent, in the 44th minute he displayed some inspired individual skill inside the 18-yard box and the finish was too much for diving St Michael North West goalkeeper Ranaldo Roberts.

It was a heartening performance by St Michael West showing great determination despite being short on players.

Nadico Smith, however, had other plans, scoring the fifth for North West in the 50th minute closely followed by Inniss with his third goal of the match leaving St Michael West down and dusted and perhaps in a spot of bother.

In the other game at the venue Friday St Michael West Central and St Thomas played an uneventful fixture this afternoon at Friendship Ground with both teams failing to score.

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  1. renee January 4, 2017 at 8:31 am

    One referee to carry 3 games, and no assistant referees, well until we get to the knock out stage, no security,games played until dark, officials said they would be passes to verify players, haven’t seen them yet,,,,,, what else is new,
    but they deliver water to all the grounds,,,


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