‘Big 50’ promotion ends

ANSA McAL has announced the final winner of its Big 50 promotion.

Kesha Phillips could not believe her luck as she was last week handed keys to a brand new KIA Picanto after purchasing an oven from Standard Distributors in Wildey during the month of December.

As part of its 50th Independence celebrations, ANSA gave away three KIA Picantos. The first winner was Shane Forrester and the second was Sherry Ann Clarke.

To enter, customers had to spend a minimum of $50, and over the three-month period ended December, the group, which comprises Bryden Stokes Ltd, Consolidated Finance, Brydens Insurance, McEnearney Quality Inc, Standard Distributors, Brydens Xpress and Stationery and Sissons, said over 150,000 entries were received. 

Source: (PR)

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