Hundreds ring in the New Year at Elevate

Hundreds of people rang in the New Year in style, glitz and glamour as Elevate Suit and Tie presented its third installment at Belle Plantation last night.

Keeping with the theme Via Monte Napoleon, patrons took a page out of the famous Italian fashion district for the premium all-inclusive event. The females were elegantly attired in their gowns while the males embodied the classic man in their suit and tie.

The highlight of the night was the beautiful fireworks display that promptly began at midnight.

As party goers said their goodbyes to 2016, there were cheers, hugs and New Year’s kisses, while intermittent showers provided some with the opportunity to dance in the rain.

The jackets eventually came off and the high heels were exchanged for sandals and even after the scheduled 4:30 a.m. cut off point, party-goers continued to ring in the New Year with style and good vibes.

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  1. Candice Coppola Kistoo
    Candice Coppola Kistoo January 1, 2017 at 6:54 pm

    Amanda Worme Haydn Lewis


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