Roseann’s trade

vendor cashes in on pigeon peas demand

Roseann Hunte is proud of her family history of selling produce as street vendors.

Roseann Hunte busy shelling peas.

So much so that she proclaims “this is in me,” referring to her upbringing by her Vincentian parents.

When a Barbados TODAY team caught up with Hunte at the Jackson, St Michael roundabout this week, she was busy shelling pigeon peas which are in high demand at this time of year.

“Some people were asking for them for Christmas,” she said. “People does go buy them by the can but I prefer fresh peas.”

Hunte had taken a year-long break from vending but returned to her favourite spot last week to make some sales for Christmas when demand for produce increases.

Many persons in the area describe her as hard worker who can be seen plying her trade from as early as six in the morning until “whenever the sun goes down”.

Roseann Hunte showing her produce to a customer.
Roseann Hunte plying her trade.

Hunte said she even came out on Christmas Day to serve those who needed produce and also because she did not want a supply of fruit to spoil on her hands.

She reported that sales that day were better than some would think.

The young entrepreneur, looking to improve business, is exploring the possibility of purchasing a vehicle so that she can diversify her produce offerings.

She is doing so especially to provide for her 15-year-old son.

“I want to expand and go further so that I can get a little stall so that on a weekend, I can put two grills,” she said.

Hunte, who is in her early thirties, said vending was “hard work but . . . not a bad business”.

“At the end of the day, you have to work so you can gain something and I like to work so that I can see what I gain at the end of the day. I enjoy it. I meet a lot of people and interact with them.”

Hunte said she would encourage young people, with an interest in the trade, to go into vending to make a livelihood if it was their desire.

2 Responses to Roseann’s trade

  1. Peter December 31, 2016 at 12:52 pm

    One by one, block does build house. You hang in there sister. don’t do anything illegal. in a few years people will watch you and their jaws will drop. I know a few women who owns large residences and have apartments who started by making and selling pudding and souse in a little kitchen every Saturday.

  2. kathy-ann Clarke December 31, 2016 at 8:19 pm

    Great words of advice, keep at what you are good at, and you will go a long way.


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