Repeat drug offender ordered to pay

A 31-year-old St Michael resident was forced to part with $750 today after he admitted to possession of an illicit drug.

Corey Dione Hackett of #20 Husbands New Development, St Michael pleaded guilty to possession of 8.8 grammes of marijuana worth $64 on December 29.

According to the facts presented in the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court, police were approaching Hackett’s house to execute a search warrant when he spotted the lawmen and ran off.

He was pursued and apprehended in his yard where the cannabis was found in his pants pocket.

Hackett, who is known to the court, allegedly said at the time: “Officers the marijuana is mine, I get hold with it.”

Asked by Magistrate Douglas Frederick if he had not learnt his lesson from his last brush with the law for the same offence, Hackett responded saying, “I accustom smoking Sir.”

It was then that he was slapped with the fine, which he immediately paid in order to avoid the alternative of three months behind bars.

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  1. Robert Mac Donald December 31, 2016 at 10:41 am

    It would appear that it is not likely that legalized marijuana is coming to Barbados any time soon. If you can fine someone with $64.00 worth $750.00 . I think that the government is unlikely to give up that source of income!


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