Marina House has ‘successful’ first year

One year after opening its doors as a residential addiction treatment facility for women, Marina House is reporting a successful year.

Director of Human Resources, Communication & Client Development Marietta Carrington told Barbados TODAY the centre had successfully treated 19 people in its first year.

Director of Human Resources, Communication & Client Development Marietta Carrington.

“Nineteen clients would have passed through the facility at some point during the year and almost all of them have completed their first year of treatment and have gone into our aftercare programme,” Carrington said.

“All of them who have graduated from the programme have gone back to school, have acquired news skills or upgraded existing skills and are all working and doing well,” she added.

Despite boasting of its successes, Carrington said the facility would have liked to treat even more women and would use the opportunity presented by Drug Awareness Month next month to raise public awareness of the facility and its programmes.

“Many people do not know about the services that are offered and how to check themselves in and that is a challenge that Marietta is preparing to face head-on in the New Year during Drug Awareness Month.”

The Marina House official said some of those treated at the facility were referred there by the courts.

Carrington said she was concerned that many people were hesitant to check themselves in because of the stigma associated with addiction treatment facilities.

However, she assured that the care at Marina House was comparable to what is provided in the United States where treatment centres offer 28-day programmes as opposed to 90 days at her facility.

The new centre, she said, would also collate much-needed data on treatment outcomes to help inform plans for to improve the programme.

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  1. Cherylann Bourne-Hayes
    Cherylann Bourne-Hayes December 30, 2016 at 9:27 am

    Awesome. Hopefully the doors will stay open to help many more. Keep up the good work.


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