Double trouble

Two brothers have been ordered to be on good behaviour for the next six months, otherwise they will have to spend three months in jail.

Magistrate Douglas Frederick today imposed a bond on 33-year-old Rodney Devon White of Block 4A, Deacons Farm, St Michael and his older brother, 34-year-old Omar Carlo White, of Combermere Street, St Michael after they both pleaded guilty to causing a disturbance along Nelson Street, The City, yesterday.

Rodney Devon White & Omar Carlo White

Rodney also admitted to having an offensive weapon in his possession, namely a cricket bat, while his brother owned up to having a cutlass without lawful authority or reasonable excuse in the same public place on December 28.

The brothers were apparently running after another man and swinging their weapons at him when they were spotted by a mobile patrol.

The disturbance, which caused a large crowd to gather along Nelson Street, resulted in the arrest of the White brothers. However, the third man, whose identity has not been revealed, apparently escaped.

Rodney explained that he was simply helping his brother with a situation.

However, the magistrate warned him that he could have ended up facing a far more serious charge had he delivered an “unlucky blow” to the man he was chasing.

Rodney admitted that such an outcome would have been “very bad Sir”, as he apologized for his action, telling the court that he was “finished” with the situation.

“I hope so . . . because any time you have a bat in your hand, I want to see you making runs down at Kensington Oval,” Frederick replied.

Meanwhile his brother Omar told the magistrate that the unnamed man was taunting him.

“He is not one of my friends and he took my money and two days later was taunting me,” he explained.

Asked why he had not reported the matter to police, Omar responded saying: “I know I was wrong Sir, I am really sorry. I used the cutlass as a deterrent.”

After hearing from the brothers, the magistrate decided to put them on the bond for possession of the offensive weapons.

And while he convicted, reprimanded and discharged Rodney on the charge of causing the disturbance, he imposed a $350 fine on Omar, saying he was really the ringleader.

The money must be paid in one week otherwise he will be jailed for a month.

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  1. Trea Saigh
    Trea Saigh December 30, 2016 at 7:53 am

    Been fighting each other since I was 6yrs old I’m my 30s now smdh. Sleeping

  2. kathy-Ann Clarke December 30, 2016 at 2:17 pm



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