Community caught off guard by heavy gunfire in Packers

Residents of one Christ Church community were jolted in the wee hours of this morning by the sound of heavy gunfire, following an altercation which occurred during what police say was an unauthorized fete.

As a result of the 1 a.m. shooting incident in Packers, lawmen said three St Philip men were today being treated at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) for gunshot wounds. They are 43-year-old Andre Toppin of Chapel Land, who was shot in his left shoulder; 34-year-old Damien Bourne of Parish Land, who was shot in the back and 35-year-old Peter Edghill of Foul Bay who was shot in the abdomen.

During the altercation with a group of unidentified gunmen, Edgehill also fractured his right arm, and sustained an injury to his head.

When Barbados TODAY visited the area this morning, most residents were mum about the shooting.

However, one resident said he was sitting in front his television watching the Sri Lanka versus South Africa cricket game, when he heard “a sudden loud, continuous blast of what sounded like gunshots”.

This immediately sent some people scampering, he said.

“Later I saw someone being assisted and somebody said, ‘He get hit!’ so that was the only sign of injury that I had seen up to that point and that was the end of the fete,” he told Barbados TODAY.

“After the gunshots, everybody just walked or drove away,” he added.

The elderly resident said the experience was unlike any he had ever experienced before.

Another resident, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, said he was about to use the bathroom when the gunshots rang out.

“I had just get up to pass water when I hear the shots . . . so I say, ‘wait, at this time of the morning?’ And the music just shut down,” he said.

Though admitting to feeling uneasy, he said his immediate fear was for his relatives who lived close to where the event was held. 

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