Brisk Old Year’s shopping in The City

The Christmas shopping rush may have waned somewhat, but some retailers in Bridgetown continue to conduct brisk business in the lead up to the New Year’s celebration, even as others report a clear slowdown in traffic.

The City was a hive of activity Friday afternoon as patrons sought the ideal outfit in which to ring in the New Year Saturday night.

Cave Shepherd’s Tia Gill assisting Lewen Padmore with a blazer for Old Year’s Night.

Nowhere was this more evident that on Swan Street, where males and females alike were trying on and inspecting formal apparel in preparation for church services, parties and the midnight fireworks.

One clothing store benefitting from post-Christmas spending was Harmony where owner Shyam Mahtali reported that shoppers had switched their attention to Old Year’s Night wear.

“We are having a lot of people coming in looking for stuff for church on Sunday and Old Year’s Night, so it’s been good; but today and tomorrow we expect to be quite busy,” he told Barbados TODAY.

Harmony’s Shamika Greaves helping out joy best in choosing that perfect dress.

However, the scene was different at Survival Boutique where owner Jeanette Farley said business was slow during the Christmas period and she was counting on last-minute Old Year’s Day shoppers for some business.

“You have to wait until tomorrow to see what is going to happen when people come from work,” she said.

Farley added that business was twice as good last year, explaining that most shoppers were buying less expensive items this year, something she blamed on the worsening economy.

“Last year was 100 per cent better than this year. [In these] economic times you’ll see people going out tomorrow, they are going to buy a dress for $20 or $30 because things are very tight with everybody. People can only spend what their pockets can afford.”

Tiffany Waithe plans to step out in glitter Saturday night.

This notwithstanding, some shoppers were planning to dress elegantly for even the most traditional of Old Year’s Night events.

At God’s Glory Salon Ceejay Jordan told Barbados TODAY she intended to celebrate the arrival of the New Year in the simplest way possible.

“[It’s] church first, [then] maybe St Lawrence Gap just to drinks some wine, not to party too hard,” Jordan said, adding she simply wanted to live to see 2017.

Source: (AGB)

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