GUYANA – Prison warden stabs, kills estranged wife

GEORGETOWN –– A prison warden attached to the Mazaruni Prison early yesterday morning turned himself in to authorities, in the company of his attorney, after fatally stabbing his estranged wife at her workplace.

Dead is 22-year-old Lonnette Nicholson-Prince, a mother of one, and a cosmetologist attached to the New Amsterdam Psychiatric Hospital. She was allegedly stabbed fifteen times to the upper chest and other parts of her body.

The suspect has been identified as 30-year-old Sheldon Prince, of Levi Dam Angoy’s Avenue.

Murdered: Lonnette Nicholson-Prince (right) and the suspect Sheldon Prince, who is in police custody.

As the news spread like a wildfire through the town of New Amsterdam, moments after it occurred Kaieteur News spoke to the father of the now deceased woman, Michael Nicholson, who told this publication that he had dropped his daughter off at her worksite at just about 8:30 a.m. yesterday, and on his way there he noticed his son-in-law standing at a bus shed a short distance away, but had thought nothing of it. He stated that he returned home shortly after but was met by the devastating news that his daughter was killed minutes after he had dropped her off.

The elder Nicholson, who is a religious leader in the community, related that he rushed back to the hospital only to find his daughter lying on the ground.

“I reach my daughter lie down on the ground, when they check her she got fifteen stab wounds to she body.”

Meanwhile, Hollyann Daniels, a staffer who was present when the stabbing took place, recounted that she was in a room with Lonnette Nicholson-Prince having a conversation when the young woman was attacked.

“I was in the room standing with her and we were talking when this guy pushed the door and came in, he look at me and said “I just wanna talk to your friend” and he went towards her”.

“He began trying to talk with her, when Lonette asked him if that is the manner in which he opens doors. He responded by saying “I just wanna talk to you” but Lonette refused and made it clear to him that there was nothing to talk about and she got up. As soon as she tried to make her way to come to me, he pull out a knife from the right side of his waist and he started to stab her . . . so I start scream. He turned on me, so I run out and alerted other workers that Lonette getting stab,” Daniels recounted.

By that time the enraged prison warden had already committed the act and had made good his escape.

The badly injured woman was rushed over to the New Amsterdam Hospital where she was pronounced dead. Police subsequently arrived at the scene and a search was launched. A pair of blue jeans, allegedly belonging to the assailant, was found beneath the Canje Bridge by authorities.

As persons tried to piece together the genesis of the tragic demise of the young cosmetologist, the father of the now dead woman disclosed that approximately two months ago the young man hit his daughter in the head following a disagreement between the two. A report was made to the police and he was placed before the courts.

The father said that the matter was dismissed after the man “agreed to go his way and leave her alone”. This led to a separation of the two and the mother of one moving back into her parents’ home at Lot 11 Angoys Avenue.

It was also revealed that the suspect, two weeks prior to yesterday’s fatal stabbing, had sent a text message to the woman, threatening to kill her.

“About two weeks back he sent her a text that when she do ketch sheself he gon deh right up to her,” the father revealed, not knowing his “jealous” son-in-law would have executed his plan as promised.

Sheldon Nicholson was described as a jealous person that refused to work. He allegedly abused the young woman physically, verbally and emotionally throughout their five-year union. The couple has a four-year-old daughter.

Nicholson began working at the Mazaruni Prison as a prison warden approximately six weeks after training was completed.

Meanwhile, Director of Health Services in Region Six, Jevaughn Stephens, in an invited comment, expressed his sympathy to the family and friends on the loss of their loved one, while encouraging women to speak out when they are facing problems in their marriages or life in general.

He also stated that all security protocols were observed and disclosed that it was Clinic Day where persons would have traversed in and out – with the assailant being a frequent visitor to the Hospital previously when the two were seemingly on better terms.

“The individual would normally take lunch for Lonette, so he was known to the staff at the institution . . . so it was unexpected. But we are very saddened by what happened.”

Stephens stated that three guards were at the gate, but he emphasised the fact that the weapon used was concealed, unknown to the security. He however urged the security personnel to be more vigilant to avoid any other incidents at the institution.

Lonette Nicholson-Prince was described as a hard worker and a quiet individual that was loved by many. She leaves to mourn her parents and siblings.

The suspect who is in police custody is expected to be charged shortly.

Source: (Kaieteur News)

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  1. kathy-Ann Clarke December 30, 2016 at 8:25 am

    Oh my gosh, fifteen times?
    Oh gosh, may she rest in peace.


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