Cheers to 2016!

As 2016 comes to a close, members of the entertainment fraternity have been reflecting on the past year and looking ahead for the next with the hope of bigger and better things to come.

Calypso Queen Aziza is understandably still on a high following her win back in August. She told Bajan Vibes that 2016 will go down as the year in which one of her biggest dreams came true.


“All my life I have dreamt of becoming a calypso queen and it came true,” she said, adding that “nothing is more wonderful than this experience.

“I struggled, I fought, I cried, I worked hard and through it all I never gave up which is the most important thing.

“And from that, I knew I would make it someday and I did. It’s truly an awesome feeling,” she added.

Aziza is therefore eagerly looking forward to 2017, and creating even more lasting memories.

This year has also been a highly productive one for Hypasounds, who successfully completed a yearlong tour.


He too is looking forward to better things in the New Year and plans to give his fans the music they love.

“2016 was a wonderful year for Hypasounds and the fans,” the entertainer told Bajan Vibes.

His approach to his music and to life in general is one of optimism.

Therefore, he is prepared to face whatever life throws at him.

“Everyday is new challenges, new goals. Every morning I wake up I set myself to reach another stage in my life and my career.

“For 2017, I just want to remain humble, stay true to myself and keep feeding the fans that have me in the position I am in now.

“I love them all and I am grateful for their support. Happy New Year to all,” the entertainer said.

For the musical band 2 Mile Hill, it was a whirlwind year, but they have their sights set on reaching higher heights next year.

2 Mile Hill

“It has really been a roller coaster of a year. It was eventful all the way through, but we are ending it on a high note and looking forward to reaching even higher in 2017,” they said.

Songwriter Cheyne Jones congratulated the artistes this year on a job well done and said he was ready for whatever comes next.

“Barbados has continued on its path over the last five years or so putting out quality local music that we can all be proud of. Our local soca artistes are gaining more and more regional and international recognition for their work and there is a much more professional approach to our music industry,” Jones said in giving his assessment of the local entertainment industry.

Cheyne Jones

He pointed out that more young people were entering the calypso arena, which he said spoke volumes for the genre’s future.

Jones, who keeps close tabs on the entertainment business in general, said he was also pleased that Barbadian musicians were continuing to stand out in the region.

“I genuinely believe next year will be even better,” he said, while giving kudos to the local performers for delivering a “great job all around” in 2016, which Public Relations Specialist Tracy Highland said was an eye-opening year for her in terms of how much Barbadian culture is appreciated globally.

Tracy Highland

She encouraged stakeholders to improve on the island already has to offer.

“I think it really hit home for me this year, the authentic and joyful way people outside of the country react to Bajan culture. I think it is something that really needs to build upon across all sectors, be it film, fashion, music, food or art. We have something unique and special to share and people respond to it. We don’t need to imitate to be successful,” Highland stressed.

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