Bandits strike

Thieves hit Rices sports club on Christmas Day

The Sunrise Community Club in Rices, St Philip was on Christmas morning hit by thieves who helped themselves to thousands of dollars in goods and left behind some property damage.

An upset club President Trevor Blenman told Barbados TODAY he was appalled at what he discovered when he visited the centre after receiving a call advising that something was amiss.

The thieves entered the Rices Pavilion in St Philip by breaking the window above.

“My Christmas was interrupted when we got a call that the window at the back was out. When we got in we found that the kitchen was broken into and all the cupboards were smashed open and all of the drinks we had there and some other things were missing,” Blenman said.

He estimated the loss at over $3,000, about the same amount of damage suffered when burglars hit the club two to three years ago and stole drinks, a television set and a Multi Choice cable box.

After the first break-in the club installed security features, which proved insufficient this time as the thieves entered through the back window after disabling the security lights.

Just three months ago the Sunrise Community Club was the victim of counterfeit during a cricket competition, with Blenman recounting, “We suffered losses again because they received about five counterfeit hundred dollar bills.”

President of The Sunrise Community Club Trevor Blenman estimates the club’s losses at over $3,000.

Blenman said he was both disappointed and disheartened by the recent troubles the club has been experiencing, stressing the thieves were hurting the community.

“We are out in the community trying our best to help to serve the community. The money we raise is spent in the community. Only last week we gave out about ten or so food hampers to persons in the community and in a few weeks’ time we are restarting a cricket competition for the young people in the community that is going to cost us around $5,000.”

Blenman described the club as a pillar in the community, organizing events such as cricket competitions for the younger ones and assisting the entire community, including making donations of books and uniforms to underprivileged students.

He said the home for the elderly and the youth struggling with their educational needs were among the top beneficiaries of the club.

Blenman bemoaned the fact that the club would have to replace the stolen drinks in time for the upcoming cricket competition, while he pleaded with the burglars to be sympathetic with the people of Rices.

“I am sorry to see that this is continually happening really by people who are selfish. They need to be more considerate of the poor people within the community because they will need assistance from us; so when they do that . . . [those] suffering may be their own relatives and the people of the community.

“When you steal from a community group, church or school you are not robbing them, you are robbing from the people who they serve,” he added.

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2 Responses to Bandits strike

  1. ch December 29, 2016 at 1:26 am

    Sorry for your loss- burglar bars should help and keep your valuables somewhere else. Most likely, it’s people from your same community who know what you have.

  2. Ossie Moore December 29, 2016 at 11:02 am

    So sorry Trevor! But dem fellas up dey so got Johnny Black mout, so when you having on functions yuh canen let dem see de merchandise dat going into those cabinates dem dus keep photographic memories of things like dat! I pray to God dat de folks get back some blessings!


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