Visitors entertained at Barbadian Market Day

Guests at the Tamarind Hotel got an opportunity to experience Barbadian culture first hand this Boxing Day as the hotel held its annual Barbadian Market Day. They were treated to local delicacies, music and dance.

To the thrilling songs of the Tuk Band, guests danced with the local folklore characters of the Shaggy Bear, Green Monkey and Mother Sally.

The tiny tots were not to be left out as the children came to the poolside performance to engage with the mischievous characters who juggled and danced for them as well.

Local dance troupe Dancing African also performed, spreading the Christmas cheer.

Highlighting the importance of immersing visitors into the culture, General Manager of the Paynes Bay hotel, Olivia Skeete–Baptiste said, “we try to make sure that we bring a lot of the culture of Barbados into the hotel…we do our best to make sure you have a Barbadian experience”. (KK)

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