Timely gifts

Charity responds to QEH’s equipment needs

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s Paediatric Department and Cardiac Care Unit have received several timely Christmas gifts from The Maria Holder Memorial Trust to help boost the delivery of patient care.

The gifts are the charity’s response to the Equipment Prospectus shared by the hospital outlining its dire need for new equipment.   

“Children are one of our strategic priorities at the Trust and following our discussions with Ms. Paula Agbowu, Director of Engineering Services, the two immediate areas of need identified were the Paediatric Department and the Cardiac Care Unit,” said Nathaniel Brewster, son of Chesterfield Brewster, co-founder of The Maria Holder Memorial Trust.

Nathaniel Brewster, son of Chesterfield Brewster, co-founder of The Maria Holder Memorial Trust, presented the equipment to the hospital.

“Those departments then provided the specs for their equipment needs and the equipment was ordered in November this year. We are therefore delighted that during the season of giving we are able to hand over these gifts, especially for the enhanced care of the children in the Paediatric Department and equally for those patients of the Cardiac Care Unit,” he added.

The Paediatric Department will benefit from three Braun Infusomat space pumps; 20 IV Poles; five vital signs monitors and five Masimo Neonatal/Adult Adhesive Sensors while the Cardiac Care Unit received three Nihon Kohden Monitors with stands and accessory sets.

Accepting these equipment on behalf of the QEH were Dr Clyde Cave and Dr Stephen Moe.

Dr Clyde Cave thanking Nathaniel Brewster on behalf of the Paediatric Department.

Dr Cave thanked the Trust on behalf of the Paediatric Department, saying, “These machines are necessary for 24-hour monitoring of very ill children and provide basic medical care delivery in a tertiary care hospital.

“This equipment will ensure that all children admitted receive the best possible diagnostic treatment and care,” he added.

Expressing his appreciation on behalf of the Cardiac Care Unit, Dr Moe said “patients who need to be constantly observed for heart failure can now be monitored with these new efficient, quality heart monitors.

“This equipment will certainly assist us in providing enhanced care and treatment with the best equipment to do our job better”, he added.

The Trust works with Government and registered NGO’s and charities in Barbados and other Caribbean countries, namely Antigua, the BVI, Grenada and St Vincent, in the areas of education, health, poverty alleviation, culture and disaster relief. Its target groups are children, youth, the elderly and those in vulnerable or difficult circumstances.

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