Spending spree

Bajans flock to stores in last-minute shopping

With Christmas Day just three days away, not even heavy showers Thursday morning could stop Barbadians from doing their last-minute shopping, much to the delight of businesses and street vendors.

The popular department store Cave Shepherd on Broad Street, Bridgetown was among those experiencing a flood of late shoppers, with Location Manager Andrew Wilkinson telling Barbados TODAY there had been a boost in sales in recent days and things were sure to get even better over the next two days.

These shoppers took time to choose the perfect gift bag.

“We are beginning to see an increase in sales for the last few days and as it gets closer to Christmas we even expect to see a bigger increase, Sales have looked very encouraging,” Wilkinson said.

While perfumes were the gifts of choice for most customers, the liquor and toy departments were also conducting brisk business, the store manager added.   

Over on Swan Street, Abed’s Store Manager Hassan Towini said sales had picked up steam following a slow start to December.

Hassan Towini

“The beginning of December started very quiet but we were very optimistic and we started to see the crowd and improvement in our business last week. I find now so far, so good as business is steady. We hope for better.”

In fact, Towini said he expected shoppers, who have been purchasing everything from garments and flowers to decorations, to keep coming in their numbers well after Christmas.

“We expect late Christmas shoppers and that’s what we are saying . . .  . After Christmas we are trying to push until the end of the year and maybe we will put some items on sale.”

Unlike Abed’s, Woolworth has been recording good business from the beginning of December, and with items on the shelves early, it had been smooth sailing.

Today’s rain slowed things down somewhat, but it was not much of a worry.

“Early December was pretty good. We had a good running, a lot of people shopped earlier as opposed to waiting at the last minute to get things done, which is better for us.

“Luckily for us we had all our goods out early – decorations and lights were out early, we didn’t have any last minute shipments or delays in the port so we were able to provide customers with all the products they needed,” Managing Director Martin Bryan told Barbados TODAY.

Martin Bryan

Bryan said December 23 is the store’s busiest day of the year, and he expected no difference this year.

“We are going to be very busy next couple of days. Tomorrow we are opening until 9 [p.m.] like today only because Christmas Eve we close a little earlier,” he said.

Bryan did not give figures, but said there was a major difference in sales this year when compared to last year due to the economic situation.

“I think we are doing quite well to run it even. Having spoken to a few people around I don’t think anyone is reporting an increase in activity because obviously with the current economic situation where taxes have been quite extravagant a lot of people’s pockets have been hit . . . . But Barbadians are still spending.”

In addition to the usual decorations and household items, shoppers have also been purchasing outfits for the various holiday events.

This shopper intends to look sharp on Christmas morning.

One business place benefiting from the sale of the latest fashion trends is the Bionic Shop, with owner Abraham Naime disclosing that business has been good this Christmas.

“Most of the people in [Queen’s] Park dress from our store and they are usually buying church apparel. I expect that tomorrow it’s going to be very hectic and Saturday,”  Naime said, adding that 2015 sales had been better because the economy had impacted business this year.

Nearby, the owner of the Sole Addiction Nancy Noumeh said the Christmas season had been steady, and she expected even more customers up until New Year ’s Eve.

The top selling items, she said, were brand name shoes and Rihanna perfumes.

8 Responses to Spending spree

  1. Jennifer December 23, 2016 at 12:56 am

    Oh dear, hope they (consumers) ain’t complaining to government next year when they put on their taxes etc. It looks like things are going as they normally do, merchants banking and the so called blacks spending.

  2. ch December 23, 2016 at 5:10 am

    People spend THEIR money at Christmas to enjoy the season and get some relief from the everyday dullness and responsibility of life. It is the one and only time of year many people feel a lift in their spirits because of the total atmosphere- carols, church, decorations, shopping, seasonal food and that spirit of giving.
    All who don’t want that can leave it alone and mind their grinchy business.
    And all of us who complain about paying taxes have every right to do so because we prop up the ones who don’t. And can’t get our tax refunds yet.
    Why should we begrudge business people who make that extra money when they are the ones employing people and supporting this economy? And giving the most to charities at this time.
    In these hard times when they are fleeced with taxes and having to restructure and send home people?
    Whenever there is a cry for help, you run to ” corporate Barbados” but still have a crab mentality towards those same people who have not stopped anyone else from progress.
    Merry Christmas, my Bajan people! – go all out and make it the best for you and your families!

  3. Peter December 23, 2016 at 7:17 am

    Jennifer. What do you mean by “so called black people?” If you’re black, you’re black. end of story. and to ch, I understand your point It is the Christmas season. It is a season of peace and this is compounded by giving, shopping, sharing, merriment, eating and drinking but most of all LOVE. and that comes ONLY from the heart if it is meaningful and genuine. People enjoy themselves whenever they see fit. At Crop Over, at Valentines, at birthdays, weddings the whole lot. Bottom line here whatever the reason for celebrating, do it with love.

  4. Jennifer December 23, 2016 at 7:49 am

    @Peter – the problem is that you are not black. Just like people are not white. This was given to you to make you feel inferior, get a box of crayons or ask a kindergarten child, they will show you. Why do you think our women cannot wear their own hair, which is the most beautiful on the earth, bleaching etc. Continue to celebrate what you were given by the oppressor. Check history and come back to me. All of it including crop over/bacchanal etc was given to you. Keep blind and Enjoy.

  5. Peter December 23, 2016 at 9:00 am

    Jennifer. You do not know if I am a black person. You have an identity problem. You hate yourself for two main reasons. One is that you are black and the other is that you are a failure. Why dfo you put down black women who have their democratic freedom of choice. Let them wear what they choose to and straighten their hair if they choose. They do not do these things because they want to look white. They do it because as humans with rights, they think they look great and can afford it. and I do some if not most of these ladies look good. Remember Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. With regards to history, blacks caught and sold our forefathers to the slave traders. We suffered and bear their pains. We educated ourselves and freed our minds from that mental slavery to become presidents, judges, doctors, engineers, pilots entertainers you name it we are there. Your problem is you hate yourself because you are not white. This is compounded with the fact that you Jennifer is a failure in life. Had you been a more educated and qualified professional your outlook in life would be different and you wpuld stop knit picking on we blacks. By the way your name Jennifer, like me Peter, is of white origin.

  6. Jennifer December 23, 2016 at 10:04 am

    I don’t down our women peter i am trying to lift them up. I bet you know that mock hair and wigs is a 9 billion dollar industry to the Asian and red people. So we can look like these people. It is a lack of education by this school system. When a soldier suffers ptsd he or she is given therapy. Where was black people therapy. This is the root of why our society is like this. It is like being in the wilderness and blind at the same time too. All blacks are not of the same race either. This another one of the red man lies. Look up an ancient map of Africa for the west coast for the kingdom of Judah where these slaves came from. This is a definition from a white (red) man name Zondervan – (even he knew) Ham – The youngest son of Noah born about 96yrs before the flood he was the progenitor (father) of the dark races but not the NEGRO, but the Egyptions, Lybians, Cananites, and the Ethiopians. Hametic people sold shemetic people who ran from Israel into Africa in 70AD. As they did like Jesus parents who ran from the land of Canann into Egypt (Africa) to hide from the face of the serpent Herod (Romans/British). I am glad you are white as you came out of the black race. White can NEVER produce black. Wait till the sun gets hotter and see how you like yourself. I love myself and i am glad to be on this side of the fence. I hate seeing my people so ill equip about their history. Such beauty being hidden. Revelation 13: 10 – He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity, He that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Enjoy your white privilege now. While you are at it look up the functions of the pineal gland and what are the effects of it being calcified. The destroyer is almost here.

  7. Jennifer December 23, 2016 at 10:23 am

    Hey peter, look up Edom on google images. Then read the book of OBADIAH it is only one chapter. This ain’t one of the everyday uneducated blacks you are talking too. Don’t let the name fool you.

  8. Peter December 23, 2016 at 4:05 pm

    Jennifer, For a black woman who sound educated but is really stupid, you write the English language well. You should be speaking and writing Swalhili. You are telling your fellow black women they have no choice They are not and should not exercise their freedom of choice. Who the hell are you to condemn black people? This clearly shows your educational upbringing. Zero Zero Zilch. It is people like you who make we black people suffer. I do not argue with ignorantly silly and undereducated people like you. I’m sure you purchase and use things that are made by whites. Quwanga. ibunasi owanga. Get my drift?


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