Fish in great demand

As Christmas approaches, dolphin, marlin and flying fish are the varieties of fish in highest demand. Vendors at the Bridgetown Fish Market reported good business over the past weeks as consumers stock up for the holiday season.

Busy vendors boning, scaling and cleaning fish.

When Barbados TODAY visited the market on Wednesday afternoon, locals and tourists were making purchases, while vendors were busy boning, scaling and cleaning fish.

Vendor Jemma Harris said despite bad weather this week, the market has been busy and she expects it to become even busier as the weekend approaches and Christmas Day draws closer.

Vendor Jemma Harris expects the market to become even busier as the Christmas weekend approaches.

“In terms of fish this Christmas, sales ain’t that bad you know. Flying fish now starting to come. At least I think by weekend, we will get a little bit more fish between now and Friday,” she said.

Compared with this time last year, Harris said fish prices this Christmas were more affordable and dolphin, flying fish and marlin are the top sellers.

“Fish is cheaper this December compared to last December. Dolphin drop off and people like dolphin; but it scarce but dolphin, flying fish and marlin are the three most selling fish in the market,” she reported.

Patricia Mapp told Barbados TODAY that sales were on the up since Independence and both locals and tourists were buying.

“My sales are OK as long as I have fish because I try to sell my fish as reasonable as possible. Well, I would say the whole of December, people were coming in the market even from the 50th anniversary of Independence,” she said.

“As long as we had the fish, people were coming to buy. People got fish for their family. Some people haven’t come to Barbados for a lot of years so the first thing them want to do is come and get a little dolphin and snapper.”

Mapp believes that growing concern about risks associated with the consumption of meat because of various animal diseases, has contributed to a boost in the sale of fish around this time.

“I find now with the amount of diseases going on, it’s better to eat fish because with all the turkey and chicken and the things you have to put in them to get them big and fat, people getting sick. It is healthy with fish,” she said. 

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