Fires down in 2016

The Barbados Fire Service has recorded 163 fewer fires for 2016 than the corresponding period last year.

In his Christmas message, Acting Chief Fire Officer Lloydson Phillips revealed that to date, the fire department has responded to over 2,000 incidents of which 1,737 have been fires, compared to 2,200 incidents for the same period in 2015, of which 1,900 were fires.

Lloydson Phillips

The data further revealed a reduction in commercial and residential fires and the Chief Fire Officer is urging Barbadians to end the year on a high note by observing all fire safety precautions over the Christmas season.

“Residential and commercial building fires have all thankfully shown reductions, and we would like to end the year on a positive note and have our residential fires and commercial building fires remain as they are. We have responded to 75 residential fires and 12 commercial building fires; as compared to 77 residential fires, and 20 commercial building fires for the same period in 2015,” Phillips reported.

“We at the Barbados Fire Service preach prevention year after year and this year will be no different. There is an old saying, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’;  this holiday season we are urging everyone to simply use that ounce of prevention as they go about their holiday shopping, do their cooking and participate in the merriment of the season.”

Indiscriminate burning of rubbish and vacant lots still remained an area of concern, and even though the numbers were down, Barbadians were reminded that this practice had already resulted in the loss of two homes this year.

“I want to urge persons to desist from indiscriminate burning of rubbish and vacant lots. I am well aware that during this holiday period persons like to clean their surroundings, but please be warned that with recent high winds that this practice is dangerous,” the fire chief warned.

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