DJ Puffy rules

He is proudly Bajan and today basks in the success of being rated as one of the best deejays in the world.

DJ Puffy went to Chile to test his skill in a competition against the best in the world. With a display of exceptional skill on the wheels of steel, he blew them all away.

Music fans who witnessed Andre DJ Puffy Parris’ star performance on stage were bowled over by his talent but their affection is definitely no match for those from his Barbados hometown.

Following his win, many took to social media to express their happiness and pride and to offer congratulations to the new Red Bull Freestyle Champ.

One man who is extremely proud of Puffy’s recent achievement, is his father Curtis Parris. He told Bajan Vibes he could not be more proud of his son.

“We are all very proud of him. He put in a lot of hard work. We heard all the rehearsals so we pretty much knew what he was getting himself into. He put in the hard work and it paid off,” he said. 

Parris said he was truly overwhelmed by the way Barbados and the region have reacted to his son’s win.

“The response from Barbados and the region was truly impressive. It was absolutely phenomenal to see the love they have for him,” he remarked.

Parris said Puffy’s interest in deejaying goes back to his school days. “When I would drop him to school, he would be mixing the radio stations and doing his own thing. From then, I knew there was something special about him.”

Many prominent entertainers and others associated with the music industry have extended congratulations to Puffy.

Artiste manager Ingrid Holder said she always knew he had what it takes to make it big. “I first met Andre when he was at Combermere and he would play at the school fairs and pageants and I knew he always had it in him to dream real and make it big.”

She added: “We are all very proud here in Barbados. We had social media pages loaded with Bajan love and Caribbean love. Things can only get better for him.”

Entertainer Mac Fingall also congratulated Puffy on his success and praised him for being bold enough to use local music. 

“To go that far, he had to have confidence in himself. What was more gratifying was that he played our music. He played the soca music and that tells you the power of soca and I hope the others will follow,” Fingall said.

“We have to sell what we have. People are interested in what is new and different and we have to capitalize on that. Congratulations Puffy for having the courage to do it and I hope others follow,” he added.

Leadpipe & Saddis remarked: “We always knew Puffy had it. He did the Ben Up remix and it has gone global. He is a master scratcher.”

Promoter Rorey Fenty, Rihanna’s brother, said he was very proud of Puffy.

“We have been rocking with Puffy from the start. We always believed in his ability. Congratulations to my brother Puffy,” he said.

“Everything you have achieved is down to hard work; it’s not just luck. No one puts in the time like him and I’m very proud of him,” he added.

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