PSV owners looking for more female drivers

Chairman of the Alliance of Owners of Public Transport (AOPT) Roy Raphael is calling for more female operators in the private transport system, suggesting that a woman’s touch would go a long way in eliminating the frequent incidence of reckless driving plaguing the sector.

 So sickened are the owners by the current state of affairs that Raphael told Barbados TODAY that the option of importing drivers, who may be more amenable to operating within the boundaries of traffic the laws of Barbados, was seriously considered.

Instead it now seems that women could be the saviours of the sector, which has developed a reputation for recklessness and indiscipline. 

Raphael made the disclosure following last night’s meeting of industry stakeholders at the National Union of Public Workers headquarters at Dalkeith Road, St Michael.

 He said the few female minibus and ZR operators currently in the system have distinguished themselves as model drivers. 

The AOPT chairman revealed that based on the reports available to him, female drivers were more averse to taking the risks their male counterparts regard as par for the course.

 “The risk that the male drivers would take I am aware that the female drivers would not take. For example leaving the terminal onto Nursery Drive [The City] where those long lines of PSVs line up. Hardly you would find a female driver wanting to take the risk with all those people’s lives,” Raphael said.

 Without providing statistics to support his claim, Raphael said based on feedback female PSV drivers had become a preferred choice of insurance companies.

“I have also found that more parents want to leave their children with a female driver in terms of taking them to school and bringing them back. We have had good reports from the few female drivers that we have had over last couple of years. However, we would like to see an increase in the numbers because we have seen some good driving practices and we are seeing fewer accidents among them,” he added.

The PSV spokesman was also of the opinion that the stigma resulting from the poor reputation of the industry had served to repel female drivers.

It’s a problem, which Raphael hopes to solve with a recruitment drive and other innovative incentives.

“We are planning a recruitment drive in the next year where we can show them the benefits of driving a PSV and that it is not all that bad. Actually you can make more money as a driver than working at a gas station,” he said.

“Even the Transport Board over the last few years or so have a number of female drivers as well. So I really want to encourage women to consider this as a career option because they are truly needed,” Raphael stressed.

 Public Relations Officer of the Royal Barbados Police Force Inspector Roland Cobbler supported Raphael’s position to some degree.

However, he said because of the disparity between the number of male and female PSV drivers it was difficult to predict trends once more females were employed as drivers. 

4 Responses to PSV owners looking for more female drivers

  1. Keith Forde
    Keith Forde December 21, 2016 at 7:52 am


  2. jrsmith December 21, 2016 at 8:28 am

    And the decent educated people of barbados ,is so sickened as like the owners for the current state of affairs.. that the owners is considering the importation of drivers as an option..
    Is this going to reveal itself that the present crop of (PSV) drivers is the worst vehicle drivers in the world , yes, yes.. but how shameful I would feel if I was a driver of one of the said vehicles…
    I will never forget waiting to catch a psv to Kendall hill, something happen police officer was discussing the matter with a driver , when the driver shouted at the police officer in front of lines of people, man you cant so and so tell me what to do….

    As the world turns little England is recruiting ( psv drives ) for vehicles in barbados does take you back…
    Bajans were always accustom to (PSV) on our roads as I may recall the decent days of , The General bus company, The Diamond, The Rocklyn , The Boston , The Progressive , and the
    other I have forgotten , these were manage and control with character the day when we were proud of our transport system…

  3. Frank White December 21, 2016 at 5:04 pm

    Always shooting you all selves in the foot…instead of dealing with the issue of the work being ushered out to the so called white owned tourist buses, you all talking about wanting female drivers, meanwhile, your decimal point shifting for the worse…making all of you look bad that’s all it doing…you ever see in Barbados where a so called white spoke against another so called white, no, don’t happen…they would never do that in public…deal with the issue and stop putting down each other and start doing things that are beneficial to black people…stop putting our business in the street..

  4. North Point December 21, 2016 at 8:33 pm

    Roy Raphael who the hell you trying to fool other than yuh self bout bring female drivers into the system, Roy Raphael, don’t you know that six is half dozen wheel and come agen bro, yuh aint saying nutthen new, I see one female driver in de northern part of de island driving (ZR) she just like de rest. Roy Raphael, yuh will have to do a BRAIN transfusion first. speak with santa, he might got some recondition “BRAINS” in he sack. see yuh Roy Raphael in 2017 when yuh get up from dreaming.


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