Christmas goodies for Belmont Primary

Dollarwise Inc., popularly known as the “$3 store”, has adopted the Belmont Primary School after looking at other possible options in a desire to give back to the community.

It helped that General Manager of Dollarwise, Myrna Edwards, is a past student of the school which is still dear to her heart. However, it was the interaction which the store’s directors had with school principal Pamela Ifill that sealed the deal.

Dollarwise Santas bringing gifts – HR Manager Kelly Rawlins (left) and General Manager Myrna Edwards.
HR Manager Kelly Rawlins presenting gifts to one of the students.

The Dollarwise decision led to each of the more than 200 children at Belmont Primary receiving a Christmas gift bag that included books, toys, snacks, sweets and a letter to all parents from the company.

But there is a lot more in store for the children and teachers at the school. Through one of the partners of Dollarwise, Dr Bernard Hairston, students will pair up with students in the Albermerle County Public School system in Virginia, of which Dr Hairston is an executive director.

This exchange will allow for students to share ideas, get to know about another culture, and correspond with each other.

Teachers of Belmont Primary will also get the opportunity to share best practices and experiences with their counterparts in the Virginia school system, examining challenges and possible solutions.

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