Award for postal service

The Barbados Postal Service (BPS) has received an international award for efficiency in the handling of Express Mail. It was outperformed, however, by St Lucia.

The state entity has been awarded Silver Level Certification for inbound delivery of Express Mail by the Express Mail Service (EMS) Co-operative.

Postmaster General Margaret Ashby said she was very ecstatic to accept the award in Istanbul, Turkey, on behalf of the BPS.

Postmaster General Margaret Ashby

“Lots of large countries didn’t make it and a small country like Barbados was able to do that. We believe that things like this help to showcase Barbados on the international level”, Ashby added.

Ricardo Small, Alicia Mascoll-Gittens, Postmaster General Margaret Ashby and Petrina Yarde and Anndria Yarde with certificate and award for Silver level Certification for the Inbound Delivery of Express Mail.
Alicia Mascoll-Gittens, Postmaster General Margaret Ashby and Petrina Yarde with certificate of Silver level Certification for the Inbound Delivery of Express Mail.

The performance of the Express Mail team was evaluated in areas such as performance delivery, quality data tracking and use of electronic media to read barcoded data.

Ashby lauded the Express mail team on their hard work, noting the international recognition signaled that Barbados is matching the standards of 181 EMS members.

Barbados and Brazil were the only countries in this hemisphere to achieve the silver award. St Lucia attained gold.

Ashby told Barbados TODAY that while mail sent among friends has declined with the expansion of electronic media, business mail within the island from various entities had increased.

With the onset of the Christmas season, direct mail was especially popular for businesses of all sizes which seek to reach their target audiences most commonly with catalogues.

She also noted that use of e-commerce was on the rise with orders being placed from anywhere around the world.

Ashby believed that the future of the mailing service is bright despite competition faced through electronic media.

2 Responses to Award for postal service

  1. jrsmith December 21, 2016 at 1:25 pm

    Well done , but show casing Barbados at international level with sewage running all over the place….

  2. Pedro Holder March 27, 2017 at 12:05 pm

    It is indeed heart warming that Barbados got such an award,just hopeful that everyone within the organisation will continue to work collaboratively to the desired approach of optimizing organisational efficiency in this SMART era,hence the need to diversify to remain relevant in this competitive global village,…..adapting to the needs of customers.


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