Former boxing champ living in squalor

In his prime, Hilbert Baby Osbourne was a strong and robust man, standing firmly on his own two feet.

As a boxing champion, he could defend himself, and he travelled extensively abroad to represent Barbados.

Today, Hilbert is a shell of his old self, a frail, defenseless elderly gentleman, hardly able to walk on his own.

But it is the squalid condition in which he lives that is most upsetting to neighbours and those familiar with the pride with which he carried the country’s flag.

The place he calls home is a shed without a roof in the backyard of a house in Grazettes, St Michael. In there is nothing but a makeshift bed, with just a mattress. He has no toilet facilities and no kitchen to prepare a meal.

Senator David Durant speaking to Hilbert Osbourne during a visit to his decrepit home.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY Monday, one of his neighbours, Glenfield Cadogan was in tears as he spoke of the former boxing champion’s living conditions and the treatment Osbourne receives from those who should be caring for him.

“It is very frustrating and tiresome to see a man that has done so much for Barbados being abused by his family . . . .  I hear the abuse and it hurts my heart, it makes me cry sometimes. I don’t want him there for Christmas. It would be the biggest [gift] I would get to see him not be there.

“It’s really heartbreaking to see that . . . seniors can be in a position and their families don’t look after them. He’s not my father, but it hurts me,” Cadogan said.

Glenfield Cadogan was moved to tears when talking about Osbourne’s condition.

Cadogan still sees Osbourne as the champion he once was, not only as a boxer, but as one of the pillars on which modern Barbados was built.

“He represented Barbados well. He used to tell us of all the places he travelled. He is one of the persons who helped to build Barbados.”

The observant neighbour said he was not aware of all the details of the problem that resulted in Osbourne having little more than the elements for a home.

However, he made reference to the former boxer’s drinking, which he said got worse in recent times.

“He might have been one that likes his drinks, but you can’t crucify him because he strayed away. All of us stray away at some point and he has a family that . . .  should be able to help him.”

Cadogan said neighbours had been assisting Osbourne in the past, including one gentleman who has since died, who would bring the elderly man breakfast every morning.

However, he said hostility towards them by one family member put paid to that effort.

Former boxer Hilbert Baby Osbourne in his favourite spot, watching vehicles and pedestrians pass by.

With Osbourne’s situation in mind, Cadogan pleaded with Barbadians to ensure seniors are not allowed to fall by the wayside when they can no longer take care of themselves.

“Barbadians need to be aware of seniors, persons that help to build our country from nothing to something. I would like Bajans to stop pushing the seniors in the gutter and taking what they work hard for. We are not our brother’s keepers anymore.

“We talk about Christmas, sharing and giving, but many are just about themselves. It would be the best gift I could get if I could not see him there Christmas Day,” he added.

Osbourne’s condition has attracted the attention of the National Assistance Board (NAB), with its chairman David Durant promising to do all he can to have the senior citizen moved from his current location.

Durant, a Government Senator, said the NAB had been in contact with Osbourne’s son and was awaiting a response before making arrangements to find the elderly man a comfortable home.

“We will continue to work to get Mr Osbourne away from here to get him into safe quarters where he can sleep at night without getting wet or even in the day where he can be fed,” the NAB chairman said.

“This is not right. Right now his body is frail. He is walking and almost falling over. That means he is weak and malnourished. We have to make sure we get food for him. So we have to get him somewhere where all the necessities can be provided,” he added.

3 Responses to Knockdown

  1. Velda Welch
    Velda Welch December 21, 2016 at 12:26 am

    Very sad

  2. allison archer December 21, 2016 at 3:12 am

    people can only help so much in that the person wants to be help,
    I hope Mr. Osbourne accepts treatment for his addiction, this could be why this predicament is upon him

    because most of the elderly are stuck in their ways and refuse to accept their love ones assistance, family please turn to the authorities who will make a better way for them, just don’t leave them to themselves

    I implore all and sundry to take care of the elderly they don’t deserve this

  3. Jennifer December 21, 2016 at 6:31 am

    I agree many are set in their ways like they can take something with them to their graves.


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