Howlers visit Harrison College

Students of the Harrison College School got a taste of rugby when Canadian Olympic Bronze medalist Karen Paquin visited the Crompton Street institution recently.

Paquin, who competed in the Rio Summer Olympics, came to Barbados along with her teammates from the famous Dog River Howlers. They held a training session at the school under the theme Get Into Rugby (GIR) program as part of their warm-up for the recently concluded FLOW Rugby Barbados World 7s Tournament. 

Howlers and HC Students during the training session.

Dog River Howlers Chairman and founder, Karl Fix said, “Our squads over the past few years have produced many Canadian National Rugby players, but most importantly our goal is live up to our motto, ‘Rugby is More Than a Game’.”   

Howlers have raised over $1.5 million to be used for a variety of causes such as half-way houses for abused women and wheel chairs for special needs people.

Howlers annually visit Colombia where rugby is the fastest growing sport.   

This year they brought under 18’s women’s and men’s teams, donating over 72 bags of rugby kit to local players. 

Kevyn Murrell, Technical Director of the GIR Barbados programme commented, “The students were very excited to be training with an Olympian.  Getting their picture taken with Paquin’s bronze medal was certainly one of the highlights of the day.   Rugby is really taking off in the schools and we really appreciate Howlers taking the time to train with us.”

Howlers also made a donation of equipment to the Get Into Rugby Barbados programme and gave each player a Dog River Howlers water bottle.  The session was finished with the normal Howlers chant of “Howuuuuuuuuuu”.

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