Vauclause recycling project on track, says Cherry

Businessman Anderson Fat Child Cherry says his $64 million recycling plant at Vaucluse, St Thomas remains on track, with the 64-acre plant due for completion by 2018.

Cherry told Barbados TODAY yesterday the first phase of the three-month-old project, which will see the erection of a compost facility, was well under way. He also said that a special machine was due to be installed at Vaucluse in the coming months to handle the recyclables.

Cherry, the chief executive of Jose Y Jose Liquid and Solid Waste Management Inc, said his overall objective was to reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill, which costs Government $64 million per year.

“Out of that $64 million, about $21 million every seven years is spent on building a landfill. So we will save the cost of the landfill. That is the first cost that we will save,” he said.

The waste hauler said other savings would come from a reduction in the amount of fuel used to process the waste.

The businessman also touted the opportunities for job creation.

“We are going to have harvesters that will harvest all of that waste . . . about 130 employees in the factory, plus how many other Barbadians out there who will start to save money on that resource out there,” he said.

Cherry also said Barbados stood to earn foreign exchange as a direct result of his recycling business, adding that land reclamation was another benefit.

“When we take the waste out and divert the construction waste that is going in the landfill to go and fill quarries, we are going to have land that is put back into use. We could use it for play parks, we could use it to raise livestock . . . so that is a portion of land . . . that is an economic value to the country,” he told Barbados TODAY. There will be other benefits, Cherry said, including a reduction in greenhouse gases, as well as savings on compost and chemical fertilizer import bills.

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