No more sailing to work for vet

The water has receded but it is still not smooth sailing for two St Philip businesses impacted by the flood of November 29.

When Barbados TODAY visited the Woodbourne, St Philip area that was underwater two weeks ago, land was finally in sight.

Located in a flood-prone area, the two businesses, Trinity Animal Clinic and Woodbourne Boarding and Rescue Kennel were submerged in a large body of water following the three days of heavy rains.

Owner of the animal clinic Dr Laura Hutchinson was forced to sail to work to rescue animals trapped in the clinic by the floodwater.

Veterinarian Dr Laura Hutchinson showing what her clinic looked like on December 2.
When a Barbados TODAY team returned there today, the area was fully dried out. (Pictures by Kemar Holder.)

Meanwhile, the dog kennel owners Rudy and Dorin Boyce were forced to relocate animals in their care because the kennels were under water.

Normality has now returned and Dr Hutchinson can now walk freely to and from her clinic.

However, the troublesome side effects of the receded lake are the pools of stagnant water it left behind, creating dangerous breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Next door, Dorin noted some water retention on her property, but said she was pleased her dogs were back in their kennels.

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