Documentary tells Bolt’s life story

Usain Bolt has inspired many people over the years. After competing in three Olympics and capturing a record haul of nine gold medals, the Jamaican sprint sensation will leave a legacy unmatched by any other athlete.

Bolt’s journey to international fame as the world’s fastest human has been expertly packed into his first and, hopefully, not his last documentary. Entitled I Am Bolt, the film premiered across the world this week. Last night was Barbados’ turn.

The special viewing at the Limegrove Cinemas in Holetown, St James was hosted by telecommunications company, Digicel, with which Bolt has a professional association. A select few were invited to be the first in Barbados to get a unique glimpse into the life of one of the greatest athletes to ever grace this earth.

The documentary showed what many try daily to hide up: the struggle, the hurt, the pain, the loneliness. It bared all of these experiences but it also showed the triumphs, determination, never say die attitude and the ample support from Bolt’s team that propelled him into becoming one of the world’s greatest athletes.

I am Bolt shows that while it may seem that he rose to international stardom rather quickly, it was not a walk in the park and definitely didn’t take 9.58 seconds. The documentary is many things, but what stood out, certainly for me and in many cases most who have already seen the movie, was the motivation and inspiration it gives.

Bolt during the premier of his movie I Am Bolt in London. 
I Am Bolt is a must see for all. 

The film showcased the sometimes-difficult experience of being a star athlete and the many hardships such persons face. It showed that Bolt sometimes lacked the enthusiasm and dedication needed of a professional athlete, but he was never short of inspiration and motivation from his manager and longtime friend NJ and coach Glen Mills.

Upon leaving the theatre, one thing ran over and over in my mind…. A quote from Bolt’s coach Glen Mills while Bolt was at one of his low points after sustaining an injury.

“Circumstances dictate that it cannot be business as usual’.

This line alone was enough to bolt me into full attention. It inspired me to step into another gear. Until you are where you want to be in life, until you can deem yourself excellent, until you are back at number one, it cannot be business as usual.

This is one of the many lessons I took away from this movie. Of course, there are many more to be learnt from the movie and we are sure this was the aim of the production.

Bolt’s huge personality, both on and off the track, shone through in the documentary. His many comical recollections of races and what he was thinking while running was enough to make any adoring fan love him more.

During the premiere of the movie in London earlier this week, Bolt announced that he will be retiring next year following the World Championships in August. He told reporters at that event that he plans to do more charity work afterwards.

One thing is for certain, though. Bolt’s name will forever be mentioned whenever there is any conversation regarding some of the greatest athletes who have ever graced the face of the earth.

So whenever there’s a discussion about Mohammed Ali, Pele, Serena Williams, it’s without a doubt that Bolt’s name too will be mentioned.

While Bolt’s post-sprinting career may not be as thrilling as seeing him on the track, it definitely still will be exciting. For sure, he will continue winning in whatever he does.

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