Elderly get visit from Christmas “angels”

Some little angels paid a visit to the Love and Care Nursing Home yesterday to spread tidings of comfort and joy this Christmas.

The Helping Hands Community Service Club of Wills Primary School spread Christmas cheer at the Love and Care Nursing Home and Turtle Beach Hotel.
Members of Helping Hands are always ready for adventure.

The boys and girls of the Helping Hands Community Service Club of Wills Primary School delighted the elderly residents as they made their annual holiday stop.

The children sang about the love and peace at Christmas, performing several popular seasonal carols, including and Joy to the World, Feliz Navidad, Jingle Bells  Mary’s Boy Child.

The students sang traditional carols, including Joy to the World and Mary’s Boy Child.

The quiet but appreciative audience was also treated to a play which told the story of the birth of Jesus, featuring Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in a manager.

President of Helping Hands, Ethan Campion said the group enjoyed “sharing with the less fortunate and anyone who needed their help”.

President of Helping Hands Ethan Campion (centre) played Joseph in an entertaining presentation on the birth of Jesus.

He said they have raised significant funds throughout the years for several charities and they intended to continue doing so.

Helping Hands patron Alice George said the 12-year-old group was particularly happy to team up with the Precious Touch Foundation this year which assists terminally ill children.

“We raised $9 000 at our function, through the kids . . . for an eight-year-old who dreams of going to Disney World and we are going to make it happen,” she said.

Teacher Shelly Roach said the club’s outreach efforts help the children to put kindness into action.

“It’s not just about receiving. . . . There are so many people out there who don’t have. It is to help [the students] to learn the true meaning of Christmas,” she said.

From the nursing home, the students moved on to Turtle Beach Hotel to serenade delighted guests.

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