Christmas shoppers flocking to City

The signs are beginning to emerge of a merry Christmas for businesses in Bridgetown, with some reporting robust sales already with two more shopping weeks left, although not everyone is enjoying the feast.

Busy shoppers kept sales assistants on their toes with purchases of gifts and Christmas decorations.

On the heels of a strong performance for the 50th anniversary celebrations, leading department store Cave Shepherd is continuing to experience high sales.   

“At this point in time it is very encouraging, especially coming out of an exciting independence celebration” Andrew Wilson, the Broad Street branch location manager told Barbados TODAY.

“At this point in time [with] the late night shopping Cave Shepard is really excited about how business is looking,” Wilson added.

This was evident during a visit by Barbados TODAY, as busy shoppers kept sales assistants on their toes with purchases of gifts and Christmas decorations.

Outside, the streets of Bridgetown were bustling with shoppers getting their items checked off their lists.

There was a hive of activity at Woolworth where customers flooded the toy and curtain sections of the store.

There was little walking room as the shoppers made sure they caught the early sales on offer.

Managing Director Martin Bryan told Barbados TODAY while it was still early there was no doubt what customers were stocking up on.

“What are in demand right now are all your Christmas decorations, Christmas lights and Christmas trees, and a lot of gift items [such as] toys and linens,” Bryan said.

However things were slower at Abeds, which was still awaiting the rush, store manager Hassan Towini said.

“November was a bit quiet, and we started to see a little bit of improvement in the first week of December; we haven’t as yet seen that kind of crowd.

“We are positive that maybe by next week we are hoping for better sales and we are also expecting more crowd,”  Howini predicted.

2 Responses to Christmas shoppers flocking to City

  1. Peter December 14, 2016 at 8:47 pm

    If the Government declares November a PAYE free month as let’s say an Independence gift. More money will be in circulation for Christmas. this will serve as a stimulation to retail business sector with a domino effect on their wholesale purchasing power. The money will flow back through VAT charges. Just something to think about.

  2. Jennifer December 15, 2016 at 6:53 am

    I like the first line in this article 🙂 so true. Christmas is an economic windfall for businesses, nothing more. And don’t think for a minute that “GOD” is any part of it. Child gets toy+looks at toy a few days+toy throne in a corner. Now i want another one. Bring out all the appliances etc then out of pocket for how long. Oh dear. Have a merry ole time.


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