Trump and his generals

If he has the time, or the inclination, to do any serious reading—as his favourite general James “Mad dog” Mattis does—United States president-elect Donald Trump would do well to study Supreme Command.

Author Eliot Cohen advises—in the first paragraph of the first chapter: “The rules of politics differ from those of business.”

They also differ from those of military conflict.

As he surrounds himself with an array of generals, Mr. Trump should pay attention to this observation by Charles de Gaulle, who had been both general and president:

“Everything in the military code which is absolute, peremptory and not to be questioned, is repugnant to those who live in a world of rough and ready solutions, endless intriguing and decisions which may be reversed at a moment’s notice.”

Don’t be surprised if you hear, during the next four years: “General, you’re fired!”

Carl Moore

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