Christmas treat for St Lucy children

Children from communities across St Lucy got their annual Christmas treat today compliments parliamentary representative for the northern parish, Denis Kellman.

“It’s something that we have been doing for the last 22 years. It’s growing every year. This is a very good crowd for this time. It will get a lot bigger later on . . . but this is the season for giving and this is just our way to give back,” Kellman told Barbados TODAY.

The children had a ball playing in this huge jumping tent.
This clown was a hit with the happy children.

The children were treated to food, snacks and drink. They also frolicked in jumping tents and played with clowns.

The festivities, which were held at Kellman’s constituency office in Pie Corner, were also extended to the adults who were treated later in the evening.

“We usually go up until six for the children and then we have an after party for the adults, where they can come get food and relax,” the MP explained.

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