Career help for Foundation students

The approximately 1,150 students of the Christ Church Foundation School should now be in a better position to choose a career.

Today, they had the opportunity to interact with players in a range of industries and explore their options.

Students learning more about aspects of the insurance industry from a Sagicor representative.
The automobile industry was a hit among both boys and girls.
Students were also fascinated by this rescue team.
Students getting more information on some aspects of law enforcement.

“It gives the students the opportunity to visualize the various careers, the emerging careers that are out there, and then it gives them the opportunity to start to ask the questions of their teachers and the actual practitioners, so that they can study the requisite courses and not make mistakes,” guidance counsellor Karen Haynes told Barbados TODAY.

She added that besides the career showcase, the school would be inviting some organizations, including the Productivity Council and the Barbados Employers Confederation, back to the school to speak with students about various aspects of work life.

Haynes said while some schools and organizations continued to introduce third to fifth form students to a range of available careers, she believed the career showcases should be introduced to students from the time they entered secondary school. She said it was for that reason she decided to host the event today for the entire school population.

The students had the opportunity to get information on careers in medicine, the beauty and hospitality industries, law enforcement, agriculture, renewable energy, human resources, financial services, among others. However, the automotive display – specifically the revving sports car – seemed to have captured the attention of most of the students from the moment they entered the school compound.

Many of the students told Barbados TODAY they hoped the event would be a yearly exercise.

Second form student Kai Jones Goodridge, who said she was interested in social work, law and politics, said today’s showcase should give students a better feel for whatever career path they may want to follow.

“It has given me a lot of information about what I would need to do and what I would need to study,” she said.

Russell Butcher said he was interested in becoming a police officer and he was able to get a lot of information in that field.

“I think the career showcase is good because you get an idea of the options [available]. I think it is very good so everybody can get a feel of what they want to do,” he said.

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  1. Jennifer December 12, 2016 at 10:13 pm

    Students hope you saw a lot. But whatever career you choose to go into, do not join the army to fight THEIR wars. We can see they are brewing war as I speak. Let the offspring of the war lords go and join the army and fight. You will be no better for it either. Good luck students.


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