Schools’ final postponed again

Bayley’s Primary and West Terrace Primary cricketers will have to wait a few more days for the Guardian Group Herman Griffith Primary Schools Cricket Final.

The eagerly awaited final rescheduled for today at Empire Cricket Ground has been hit by heavy rains for a second day which left National Sports Council (NSC) organizers with no other choice but to postpone once more.

Speaking with Barbados TODAY on behalf of the NSC, Adrian Donovan said he visited the ground this morning at 7 am and yet again the pitch was soft, the outfield impaired and therefore unfit for play. In addition he told local media the outfield was so water-logged that you can’t even walk on it.

“Upon arrival at the ground this morning I discovered the field was water logged so much so that you can’t really walk. It is unfortunate but we had to postpone the final yet again until Tuesday next week. One of the main reason for this decision was the softness of the wicket due to heavy overnight down pour, and in addition to early morning rain, that compounded matters for the groundsman for the start of today’s play.

“In fairness to everybody we did not want a game that would have been decided with the toss of a coin, who would have batted first would have suffered at the hands of the bowlers. As you know this is the rainy season and you could have all the covers in the world water has a tendency at some grounds to go underneath the covers and the outfield was also soaked,” Donovan said.

In addition he explained that this is going to cost the sponsors, the NSC and all parties involved. However he took time to compliment both Bayley’s coach Jafari Toppin and West Terrace physical education teacher and coach Roderick Harmon for the way in which they handled the situation thus far.

“Of course it is costly because we have to talk about paying ground staff, then the cost of the lunches and also radio coverage so there are lots of factors that are involved when it comes to dealing with these circumstances, but you can’t always put everything down to financial terms.

“I must give kudos to the coaches and teachers who had to explain to the boys that this is cricket and we [the organizers] had no control over it and if we can’t play again Tuesday [next week] we will do it the following day Wednesday or even Thursday weather permitting, but it will be played in due course. So we hope to get a hard wicket and good out field under sunny weather conditions.

Providing there is not a reapeat of weather conditions next week, Tuesday December 13th will see the final at Empire Cricket Ground beginning at 10:30am.

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