Wet pitch rules out Herman Griffith final

A damp pitch forced the postponement of the highly anticipated Guardian Group Herman Griffith Primary Schools final between West Terrace Primary and Bayley’s Primary yesterday.

Officials and groundsmen inspect the pitch at the Empire Ground.

Heavy overnight and early morning showers soaked the Empire Ground, leaving conditions impaired and unfit for play, and National Sports Council officials took the decision to abandon the game just before 11 am.

Barring any further rain, the game will take place at the same venue on Friday starting at 10 am but doubts remained about the weather.

“In the best interest of cricket, we had a meeting with all those involved – the umpires and the game teachers – we’ve decided to call off the game until tomorrow,” the NSC’s Adrian Donovan said.

“The conditions are little too wet and it would not be really safe to have the young kids here to expose themselves to these wet conditions.

“There was a lot of rain during the week and the groundsmen have not been able to do an ideal job as they would like.”

He continued: “If we don’t get play tomorrow we would have no choice to find somewhere next week but we always liked to use this venue because this is the home of Herman Griffith, who the tournament is named after.

“But if it comes to that stage, we would make a judgement call and early tomorrow we will know.”

Bayley’s Primary coach, Jafari Toppin, believed the game could have gone ahead.

“I thought it was a bad call. We had discussed in the dressing room a 12 o’clock with an inspection at 11:30 am if no more rain,” Toppin said.

“We had a slight drizzle and the covers went on. But if a drizzle like that at minutes to 11 could have [caused issues of safety] we should have called it off at 10 because when we got here it was worse than this.”

West Terrace coach, Roderick Harmon, said though his side were disappointed, they would be ready whenever the game was played.

“We are disappointed. I think everybody here at this ground was looking forward to this game,” he said.

“There was a decision that we thought we had come to an agreement about so if that’s what it’s got to be, that’s what it’s got to be but one thing I can say, whenever this game is ready we are going to be ready to play.”

West Terrace are chasing their second title and Bayley’s Primary their fourth.

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