Technical difficulties Mar Hennessy Artistry

The perfect blend was not so perfect last night at the 2016 Hennessy Artistry show held at Kensington Oval.

An unexpected ingredient – technical difficulties – affected the performance of the talented entertainers throughout the night.

This resulted in delays from start to finish. At times performers had to appeal for more volume on their microphones, among other things.

The thousands who turned out to see international singer Lauryn Hill, and regional artistes Tarrus Riley, Bounty Killer and Beenie Man, were left somewhat dissatisfied when the plug was pulled at 3:30 a.m., thirty minutes after the scheduled end.

Bounty Killer
Beenie Man.

The painful delays were somewhat forgotten only for a short while, as fans received a special treat.

Long time rivals Beenie Man and Bounty Killer performed on stage for about ten minutes much to the delight of their fans.

The night belonged to the featured artistes who were professional, despite the difficulties. They pulled out all the stops to put on a good show for the thousands who turned out.

However, some patrons who didn’t care too much for the delays left at intervals during the show.

Lauryn Hill, who was the first act on after the opening artistes, graced the stage at 1:30 a.m., quite abruptly.

Layren Hill gave a good performance.

There was no introduction and she caught many of her fans off guard when she began singing. Scores had to rush to remaining vantage points to see the American singer.

Her set, obviously cut short, was probably the reason many of her more popular songs were left out. Fans were however pleased with what she offered based on their shouts and screams. It was clear her performance was a hit.

Bounty Killer fans were left a bit disappointed, despite his performance with Beenie Man. He was only able to fit five songs at most into his set before Beenie Man joined him.

Beenie Man closed off the show and used his songs to address the questions being raised by everyone regarding the collaboration, the delays and more.

He vented his frustration saying that he had prepared a set for one hour and forty-five minutes to wish Barbados a Happy 50th Independence but would not be able to do so. He apologized to his fans and told them everything was beyond his control.

The seasoned artiste then went into his hit song I’m Okay where he included many free style verses, one of which targeted the promoters for the mishaps during the show.

He then wished the audience a happy Independence and a good night and promptly left the stage.

For the Tarrus Riley fans who have seen him time and time again, the performance was not one of his most spectacular, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Following the show, one of the Directors of FAS7STAR Allison Hunte told Barbados TODAY the delays were unexpected and not often associated with the FAS7STAR family, but they made the best of the situation.

“The late start was not normal for us, so it just pushed back everything and then we had a strict deadline that we had to adhere to. Beenie and Bounty did the collaboration, which has never been seen before. So it was just history in the making because they worked with us to get that done. Lauryn Hill had a late start as well. Everyone’s set had to be cut short because of the late start. I’m not sure why the overall show started late because I was not here at the property,” she explained.

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    John Wick December 8, 2016 at 11:06 am

    Again? Keep going and overspend on that and complain again


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