Beach Party shows promise

The Hennessy Artistry Beach Party, a new addition from this year to the longstanding Hennessy Artistry concert staged here every December, shows great potential for future development.

When the inaugural event came off last Sunday at Pirates Cove on Bay Street, the only major teething problem probably resulted from the attempt by promoters to cram too many acts into the show which can be equally as frustrating for patrons as rostering too few.

Coming the day after the Hennessy Artistry show was held at Kensington Oval, the beach party attracted a near capacity crowd. It was scheduled to start at 4 p.m. and finish at 11p.m. but ran almost two hours over the allotted time.

As a result, the mood of party goers shifted in the latter stages from unbridled fun to concern over waking up on time for work later that morning. The end result was a rushed headline act by Jamaican dancehall star, Aidonia.

Aidonia gave a good account of himself on the night but was certainly inhibited by time constraints.

The entertainer, who is highly reputed for his lyricism and flare on stage, seemed quite inhibited in his performance, rushing through his long list of hits and at times just glossing over a number of the major crowd pleasers.

Despite this, the crowd still was treated to a cross section of the artiste’s hits from the present back to his breakout year in 2006. Songs such as Boom Flick, Pon Di Pole and Dark Clouds certainly got the crowd moving, albeit for short bursts at a time.

It was not only the main act who suffered from the time constraints. Local acts, Stiffy, the duo of Marzville and Stabby, and Scrilla also had to cut short their performances when they were really getting into their role of warming up the crowd.

Stiffy certainly lived up to his title of Bashment Soca King.
Stabby incorporated a balancing act into his performance as he scaled the stage fence and leapt into the crowd to “hurt a bumper”.
Scrilla did a good job of energizing the crowd.

Despite these challenges, the hundreds in attendance thoroughly enjoyed themselves as evidenced by the fact that the gyration of waists did not stop until the very last note was played.

Another positive note was the fact that the show came off without incident even though copious amounts of Hennessy were consumed well into the night.

Kudos must also be given to the DJ’s who did a fantastic job of ensuring that their mixing was fresh and distinct from the other. There only was a handful of incidents of DJs repeating the songs played in the set before.

Based on overall crowd response, it was clear, when the show was all over, that it has great potential to become another fixture on the yearly Barbadian entertainment calendar. 

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