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Coconut vendor Forced to leave family home after threatening sister

Making a serious threat towards his sister has caused a 48-year-old coconut vendor to have to leave his family home – at least for the next six months.

Ian Rudolph Daniel, of Baycroft Road, Carrington Village, St Michael was required to leave the house after pleading guilty to using threatening words, “Bring my drugs or I gine kill you”, towards Cheryl-ann Daniel on December 4.

Outlining the facts, the prosecutor Sergeant Janice Ifill said the complainant and accused live together, taking care of their mother who suffers from cancer.

On the day in question, the complainant reportedly approached the door to the house when she saw the accused with a cutlass in his right hand. He subsequently shouted the words, which caused her to become fearful.

The matter was reported and when police responded, the cutlass was found in Daniel’s bedroom. The accused, who is known to the courts, denied making the threat.

In mitigating on his behalf, Daniel’s lawyers Dominique Pinder and Shamar Bovell argued that there was some level of “provocation” on the part of his sister who threatened “to attack him with a syringe.”

“He was forced to act in self-defence at the time,” Pinder said, charging that Daniel’s sister had been provoking him for more than a year.

However, Magistrate Douglas Frederick countered that there were two sides to a story.

“He is putting forward that his sister has been provoking him . . . but he has compounded it now. [The situation] is untenable for these people to live together,” the magistrate said.

The attorney went on to say that her client was “very remorseful” about what took place and was willing to apologize to the court and his sister.

Pinder added that her client had not wasted the court’s time and had entered an early guilty plea.

The attorney urged the court to impose a bond on her client or if the court was mindful, impose a fine that is as “lenient as possible” since he had several financial commitments.

After the court was assured that Daniel had alternative accommodation, the magistrate placed him on a bond to keep the peace for six months. In breach of that bond, he will have to pay $1,500 forthwith or spend three months in prison.

While Daniel still has the right to visit his mother, Magistrate Frederick warned that he was “walking a thin line” when he goes to the house.

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  1. kathy-Ann Clarke December 7, 2016 at 2:16 pm

    oh boy, seems as though he was high on the drugs already.


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