No shame in men grieving

Men are being encouraged to seek the assistance of bereavement services or support groups in times of mourning. 

Following his feature address at the Bereavement Fellowship Service held at Restoration Ministries on Sunday night, assistant director of the National Assistance Board Andrew Browne told Barbados TODAY there was a reluctance among males to seek help during their time of grief. 

Andrew Browne, assistant director of the National Assistance Board.

 “They [males] come as a last resort, when their female relatives have forced them to come,” he said. 

Commenting on the abundance of females at Sunday night’s session, Browne said it was traditionally expected for females to utilize counselling services, while male participation was little to none. 

“Some people think that men are big and strong, so that’s a woman thing, that’s not for us, until they are actually faced with it,” pointed out the NAB official. 

Stressing on the importance of getting males involved in support groups and bereavement counselling, Browne added: “Men tend not to attend a lot of things, not just bereavement. . . . We are trying to get men involved in more things that are uplifting and developmental, but some men tend to not want to get into those things.” 

“It is imperative that they come to these things so that if there is some loss, not just the loss of a family member through death, but some other tangible loss, that they will be there to offer support. We really need men to be there to help out, to support the women folk and their siblings,” he added.

Browne adamantly held that males needed to spearhead such efforts, saying “gone are the days where men used to sit at the back and be unenlightened. Men should come to the forefront to be enlightened”.

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