Senior citizens feted

Senior citizens at the St Thomas, St Lucy and St Philip Geriatric hospitals were recently treated to a luncheon hosted by the Barbados ex-policemen of New York, under the theme ‘Celebrating our nation builders’.

Thirty-six members at the St Peter All Saints Church Hall had a grand time as they danced to the sounds of the Tuk band. Roused by the melodic tunes, some got to their feet to dance in a conga line, while others who remained seated clapped to the beat, watching their peers in amusement.

The Tuk band entertaining senior citizens.

President of the Barbados Ex-Policemen of New York, Dennis Yarde explained the event was planned to coincide with the 50th anniversary celebrations.

Yarde said the group had initially donated barrels of medical and personal care supplies to the resident but decided it was an impersonal way to give back to “the people who have laid the foundation for us”.

The senior citizens were treated to a luncheon by the Barbados ex-policemen of New York.

The event was attended by returning nationals from New York, including Consul General Dr Donna Hunte-Cox, and Professor Dr Janice Farley.

Minister of Health John Boyce offered his thanks to the expat community who continued to contribute to the island, especially the elderly.

“Especially at this time a celebration of our 50th anniversary, recognition of our elderly [and] recognition of what they have done to build this nation is of absolute importance,” Boyce said.

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  1. Helicopter(8P) December 5, 2016 at 11:33 am

    May God bless the good service you all have done for the good of our elderly and we ask that in the coming years participation will grow in your patriotic and humanitarian endevours


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