More people suffering from kidney failure

The Barbados Kidney Association (BKA) is reporting a significant increase in the number of patients suffering from kidney failure in recent years.

“A couple of years ago, we had two or three patients on the machine for dialysis … now we have over 200 patients on dialysis,” Wilson told Barbados TODAY following the launch of the association’s ‘Handbook on the Kidney’.

Margarette Wilson

Wilson further stated that patients currently received treatment from an outsourced entity SILS Dialysis, the St John Polyclinic and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which was filled with patients.

“There are a number of patients in the clinic waiting to go on dialysis …that is the cost tax payers have to pay,” she said.

Attributing the cause of kidney failure primarily to diabetes, Wilson added that “the kidney is the stabiliser within the body, if your vessels can’t get the blood in then you have no filtering so that’s a problem”.
She said the association is hoping to use the handbook to educate the public on the importance of being healthy.

2 Responses to More people suffering from kidney failure

  1. Wilma December 4, 2016 at 12:10 pm

    I think more people are drinking less and less water which has a huge impact

  2. Phil December 4, 2016 at 12:17 pm

    I am challenging Barbados Today to placed a reliable reporter in this field to gather and report on well researched facts on Kidney disease in Barbados. What are the causes? What age groups are mostly affected? How many dialysis units exists? How many are out of order? How long and how often does one stays on a unit? I know medical doctors will debunk this, but what are the signals and early treatments? What THMs are used Traditional Herbal Medicines are used? I know that lots of pharmaceutical formulas are derived from herbs and marketed. I understand research headed by Sir Richard Branson is getting marvelous results with the reversal of Diabetes with the use of Bitter Melon or Corilla, a bitter bumpy looking squash. There is a tea formula which treats the liver, kidneys and pancreas. Please do some research BT.


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