Browne admits to drugs and ammo possession

courtPatrick Anderson Browne today pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court to some serious charges dating back six years.

Browne, of Rendezvous Road, Christ Church, admitted to possession of 169 rounds of ammunition without a valid licence and possession and trafficking of 662.9 kilogrammes of cannabis. He committed the offences on October 14, 2010.

In the facts read by Crown Counsel Oliver Thomas, the court heard that police organized a counter-narcotics operation on October 13, 2010, as a result of information they had received. Three officers went on a covert surveillance operation in Hastings about 8:35 p.m. on that date.

The prosecutor said that around 3:40 a.m. the following day, police observed a vessel at sea travelling towards land. It stopped approximately 100 metres off and two persons were observed throwing large packages into the water. The vessel then turned and travelled out to sea.

The police then saw Browne and another person emerging from some bushes next to the boardwalk. They waded into the water and headed to where the packages were floating. Officers then saw the two pulling
a long rope attached to the packages. It was at that time that the other man reportedly looked in the direction of the police and ran out of the sea. Both he and Browne were subsequently apprehended.

The 23 taped packages were later fished out of the sea by officers, and it was confirmed they contained cannabis. Further investigations revealed that one of the packages also contained two smaller packages with ammunition
– 94 rounds of 9mm ammunition; 23 rounds of .38 caliber ammunition; 35 rounds of .380 calibre ammunition; 16 rounds of .357calibre ammunition; and one round of .223 ammunition.

Browne had six convictions including theft, loitering and breaking and entering.

Madam Justice Michelle Weekes ordered a pre-sentencing report into Browne’s life as well as a report from officials at HMP Dodds about his time on remand.

The matter was then adjourned to January 30, 2017.

Browne is represented by attorney-at-law Dr Lenda Blackman.

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