Still no solution at Combermere

There’s still no solution to the environmental problems at Combermere.

In a statement released this evening through the Barbados Government Information Service the Ministry of Education announced alternative accommodation for fifth and sixth form students at the Waterford, St Michael institution.

This as the special task force identified to monitor and oversee the work at Combermere, which was closed last month, continues to observe the environment at the school.

In the meantime, classes for sixth form students will be held at the Erdiston Teachers’ Training College, Pine Hill Road, St Michael, from Monday, December 5, while classes for fifth form students will be held at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic, Wildey, St Michael, from Tuesday, December 6.

Fifth and sixth form students should report for classes at 8:45 a.m.

The Ministry also said it was making every effort to find alternative accommodation for the remainder of the school.

Just last week, the school’s principal Vere Parris met with parents at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic to discuss the situation at the school.

Combermere Principal Vere Parris
Combermere Principal Vere Parris

During the over two-hour long meeting, Parris pointed to possible sabotage of one of the school’s sewer caps, which he said was partly to blame for the recent foul odour affecting the school. However, Parris did not say who he thought was responsible for the sabotage.

He also suggested that the nearby acacia trees were also contributing to environmental problems; so too chemicals disposed from the Science Lab.

Parris further suggested that the school could re-open in a matter of days following extensive remedial work.

However, he said the final decision was up to the Ministry of Education.

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