Skeete gets home for the holidays

Christmas has come early for Felicia Skeete of Porey Spring, St Thomas, whose house suffered extensive damage when a tree fell on it nearly three months ago.

Skeete now has a newly renovated family home in time for the Holiday Season, and no longer must she endure a “mess” whenever it rains.

Felicia Skeete (inset) now has a newly renovated family home in time for the Holiday Season.
Felicia Skeete (inset) now has a newly renovated family home in time for the Holiday Season.

It was particularly difficult during the passage of then Tropical Storm Matthew, she said, but she is grateful to those who came to her aid in her time of dire need.

“I would like to thank Rural and the DEM,” she said of the Rural Development Commission and the Department of Emergency Management, which came to her assistance immediately following the incident.

“We had a lot of rain shortly after it was damaged; the rain had us in a mess. I had real buckets in here to catch the water.”

During the early hours of September 5, a golden apple tree came crashing down on the house causing widespread damage and leaving exposed the six people who occupied the house, including her visually impaired daughter.

With nowhere to go, they endured the elements, and remained in the damaged house while it was being repaired.

“We were here while it was getting fixed. It was a really rough time but we made it. My daughter knows her way around the house by now, but during that time I had to hold her to guide her through the buckets and so on, so I’m glad it’s fixed now,” Skeete told Barbados TODAY.

“I wasn’t really focused on me. My main thing was my daughter who can’t see and her two sons. But I was good. Rural helped me out really good. It took about three weeks to be fixed back,” she said.

Not only did the tree damage to the dwelling, the falling fruits aggravated an old injury the matriarch had suffered at work.

Still, this has not stopped Skeete, who keeps plugging away in order to assist her family.

“My back hurts me still. I had a fall at work and when the tree fell on the house the apples and so on caused it to hurt me even more. But I do some odd jobs painting for people every now and then so I am thankful,” she said.

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  1. Veronica Straker
    Veronica Straker December 2, 2016 at 10:45 pm

    At least you’re helping yourself. I pray that jobs may be more frequent and your income multiply.


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