Prince Harry enjoys Caribbean visit



Source: Daily Mail: Prince Harry’s  tour of the Caribbean has taken him to St Vincent and the Grenadines today where he visited a botanical garden in the capital city – said to be the oldest tropical gardens in the western world.

Covering 20 acres, the lush, green visitor attraction was first laid out in 1765 by General Robert Melville.


The garden was originally designed as a plant breeding centre ‘to provide medicinal plants for the military and improve the life and economy of the colony’.

He arrived to children singing: ‘We are known for sun, sea and hospitality.’

When they returned to the chorus: ‘We love you St Vincent’, Harry started mouthing along the words and bobbing his head to the music.

Harry couldn’t keep his hands away from one lady.

But his girlfriend Meghan Markle need not worry because the woman in question was a parrot named ‘Polly’.


When she greeted him with many ‘Hellos’, Harry went further still and tried putting his hand inside the cage.

And when she looked like she was going to nip his hand, he said: ‘Naughty!’.

As the prince turned his back, Polly started squawking and the royal had to appease her by putting a finger to his mouth and saying: ‘Shhh’.

But although Harry exchanged a few words with the birds, he did admit they were a bit noisy for his liking, adding: ‘They are so loud – it’s ear piercing!’.

When told they could become aggressive at times, he said: ‘I can tell!’.

Later, he told schoolgirl Denisha, 14, that he wished the parrots were able to fly around the park.

He later warned a little boy in the crowd: ‘Don’t stick your fingers in. They’ll bite you.’

Harry toured the site, watched a number of cultural performances and planted a commemorative Baobab tree to mark the visit.



His relationship with American actress Meghan Markle, 35, might have proved that the prince likes a slightly older lady.

But this afternoon he told a 54-year-old woman he loved her on the island of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

During an unscheduled visit to the hillside village of Vermont on the island, Harry, 32, was stopped by Avis Collis who told him: ‘I love you.’

He then held her hand, pointed at her and said: ‘Love you.’


Farmer Miss Collis, who is more than two decades older than the prince, approached media and said: ‘Here’s my phone number can you give it to the prince.

‘He told me he loved me I can’t believe it.

“I may be 54 but I’m single and I’m available!’.

Earlier he had visited the nearby Vermont nature centre and trail where he learnt about the environmental issues facing the island.

He was offered a coconut and took a swig and then offered it to members of the press.


In the interior of the island Harry will visit the Vermont Nature Trail and walk a short part of the route hikers worldwide travel to the country to enjoy, and unveil a plaque dedicating the area to The Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy.

Later on a St Vincent beach the Prince will hear from local schoolchildren about the various conservation projects they are involved in to help preserve endangered sea turtles.
Harry is on a 15-day tour of the Caribbean and has been travelling for some of the trip on RFA Wave Knight a tanker on anti-narcotics and disaster relief duty in the area.




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  1. Angela Gray
    Angela Gray November 27, 2016 at 3:46 pm

    Good news Sarah Amlot, Prince Harry is travelling for some of the trip on RFA Wave Knight a tanker on anti-narcotics and disaster relief duty in the area, not LIAT! lol

  2. MIIB November 28, 2016 at 3:48 am

    Selective amnesia


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