Risky road!

Police record over 100 accidents at Warrens roundabouts

The D’arcy Scott Roundabout in Warrens, St Michael – often referred to as the Warrens Roundabout – continues to be a magnet for vehicular accidents.

According to police statistics, there have been over 70 accidents this year at the reconfigured junction, although there have been no fatalities.

Concerns have been raised about safety at the roundabout since it was broadened.

It could be particularly troublesome for drivers entering the Warrens industrial area from around the traffic circle, since they have to cross two lanes of traffic, leaving them vulnerable to vehicles on their left.

Of the 71 accidents there so far this year, 61 were without injuries, while there were slight injuries reported from the remaining ten, according to police.

Sergeant Seibert Johnson of the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) Traffic Division told Barbados TODAY motorists were to blame for the number of accidents at the D’arcy Scott Roundabout.

“It appears as if that’s a problem. Motorists are not really adhering to the directions there, or the instructions there,” Johnson said.

Not far from the troublesome D’arcy Scott is the Everton Weekes Roundabout, which has been the scene of its fair share of accidents.

According to police figures, of the 34 accidents at that spot this year, slight injuries were reported from 13, while there were no injuries resulting from the remaining 21.

There were 229 accidents altogether in Warrens last year, slightly higher than the 197 so far this year. And with just under six weeks to go before the end of the year, including the busy Christmas period, this year’s numbers could be even higher.

Public Relations Officer of the RBPF Acting Inspector Roland Cobbler told Barbados TODAY it was up to road users to exercise due care and attention.

“A significant [number] of accidents [are] occurring in the roundabout. It means that persons are not exercising the necessary vigilant care and attention when they are using the roundabout. They are not properly adhering to the roundabout rules as it relates to giving way to the persons in the right and simple basic driving practices that should be in place,” Cobbler said. “Persons need to pay particular attention to those driving practices.”

Meantime, Johnson recommended a re-education of drivers on the use of the island’s roads.

“People are thinking, or they are of the opinion, that ‘well, I should do this and I should do that’. That’s wrong because the signs are clearly marked,” he insisted.

He also suggested that some of the problems at the two roundabouts in Warrens could be alleviated if the one-way street that leads to the H&B Hardware building were changed to a two-way street.

“If motorists would be able to enter and exit there, I’m sure that would help,” he said.


3 Responses to Risky road!

  1. Charmaine November 22, 2016 at 6:47 am

    Warrens is a general problem area. Please remark the road lines and put markings, if possible, in the area in front of the warrens clinic. I’m tired of the near misses there.

  2. Tony Webster November 22, 2016 at 9:04 am

    I heard Ossie Moore say, that a fly-over is the only safe, sensible solution. In a helicopter.
    Mind you…we cud go back to C.D.B., and says “Please Sir, can I have $ome more…we still got a li’l problem at Warrens.

  3. jrsmith November 22, 2016 at 3:32 pm

    Just a standard roundabout , local traffic always is a problem on motorways and roundabout junctions… this roundabout needs a first and short second tare flyover , (north and south ) and ( east and west ) OTHER THAN THAT TRAFFIC LIGHTS ……….


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