Senator McClean: Golden Jubilee a time for reflection

Leader of Government Business Senator Maxine McClean has appealed to Barbadians to engage in serious reflection as the nation celebrates its Golden Jubilee.

Tracing the island’s journey since 1966, McClean contended “there has been a continuous development of the island’s economy and society so that citizens are affluent and more educated”.

However, she lamented that there were a number of negatives encroaching on that growth and success, adding that Barbados had to take stock.

“I would argue Madam President that it is not for the Government and the Church alone or school but at the family unit and at the individual level . . . to take stock as we celebrate because we have a lot to celebrate –– how do I assess myself? How do I assess my community, my country in a way that would allow us identify what we need to do to move on and to continue to build?” she told the Senate this morning as she tabled a resolution congratulating Barbados on attaining its 50th anniversary of Independence.

McClean, who chairs the 50th Anniversary of Independence Celebrations Committee, suggested that this reflection would better position the country to build stronger for the next 50 years.

“I believe that as we do so that we will work to be a nation that is socially balanced, economically viable, environmentally sound and characterized by good governance,” she said.

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