Unplanned holiday ends for some St Paul’s students

St Paul’s Primary School students from Reception to Class 1 return to the classroom tomorrow after a week-long disruption of classes, but not in familiar surroundings.

The students, who had been forced to remain at home since November 8 because of damage to the roof of their building, will be temporarily accommodated at the Collymore Rock Church of the Nazarene.

The section of the school which housed those students has been closed so the Ministry of Education could repair the damage.

Ministry officials, accompanied by Principal Sandra Small-Thompson, met with parents this evening to familiarize them with the new location.

“The ministry had a meeting this afternoon and the children will be back to school tomorrow. According to the ministry, they will be here for the remainder of the term. The school is being worked on all now though,” Small-Thompson said after the meeting.

Parent Sherry-Ann Howard attended today’s meeting and said she was pleased that the students would return to school after being home for so long.

“The problem with the roof is more than they expected. The walls at the school are cold and they could make the children sick, so I’m glad they found a solution and they are back at school. I rather them somewhere than at home,” Howard said.

Another parent, Karen Mohammed, felt it was a good idea to convert the church into classrooms since it would not have been possible to accommodate all the students in the unaffected section of the school.   

“So far I am pleased with the location. I would rather relocation because the school really isn’t adequate for the students. I guess this is a better location for now until they fix the whole thing,” Mohammed said.

Students from Class 2 to 4 remain housed at the school in Brittons Cross Road, St Michael.

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