Stuart, Lowe focus on waste disposal

Barbadians have been called upon to take greater responsibility for their waste disposal, as the country moves towards a green economy.

Minister for the Environment Denis Lowe, told Parliament during debate on a Resolution for the Green Economy Scoping Study, that Barbados has moved from producing less than 200 tonnes of waste per day in 1974 to over 1,200 tonnes of waste per day in 2016.

“Moving from a small village to a modernised society with an increase of dwellings, and an increase in population Mr Speaker, that is part responsible for the generation of the kind of waste that we’re now having to deal with.

“So when we talk about waste management, we’re not just simply talking about a pile of garbage here, there and everywhere. We’re talking about the dynamics of the generation of waste, and what a country’s response has to be to it,” Lowe said.

Minister of the Environment Dr Denis Lowe
Minister of the Environment Dr Denis Lowe

He added that this response must include both Government and the wider society, where all members “become active participants in the resolution of the challenges that we face in that regard”.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Freundel Stuart told the Lower House that residents need to take into account the island’s fragile ecosystems through its production, distribution, consumption and waste disposal practices.

“We have to integrate these things and make sure that we pursue a developmental path that is sustainable, by which I mean that we not only take care of our interests in the year 2016, but we pass on a Barbados to future generations that is better and more environmentally sound than the Barbados that we inherited,” Stuart said.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart
Prime Minister Freundel Stuart

He also noted that garbage generated does not belong to the government.

“We generate it, we buy the pet bottles of drink, we buy the Kentucky chicken, we accumulate all the plastic bags, and then we treat them as though they belong to the government. So if somebody doesn’t come and collect them, and collect them in our time, that is an occasion for quarreling and for protest,” Stuart stated.

“We have to become more responsible, and more mature and more disciplined if we’re going to get this green economy right, if we’re going to create a more environmentally friendly Barbados. We cannot be throwing beds alongside the road and dropping old chairs near wells where [people] get their water. You can’t do that, we expect to have a healthy environment.”

The Prime Minister also raised concerns about increasing carbon concentrations, which he said are “getting dangerously close to 400 parts per million”.

“That increase has been attributed by the climate scientists and by other scientists to anthropogenic interventions. In other words these are not acts of God, these are not things that happen by accident.  Human inaction has led to all of this.  So all of us has a responsibility … to understand that … the planet is speaking and if we do not listen carefully and obey what the planet is telling us, our very existence is going to be put at risk,” Stuart said.

10 Responses to Stuart, Lowe focus on waste disposal

  1. Richard Johnston November 12, 2016 at 7:02 pm

    What are they doing in their own households to reduce waste and to reuse and recycle?

  2. Jus me November 13, 2016 at 8:26 am

    Moderated comment again
    Dis heah rubbish e news
    Needs replacin

  3. Jus me November 13, 2016 at 8:28 am

    PM yuh does spout bare C**p

  4. Jus me November 13, 2016 at 8:30 am

    Aha so you have inputs programed to pick out what you see as unacceptable words

    Writers note that
    Dey computer censors yuh.

  5. jus me November 13, 2016 at 1:37 pm

    Dear PM.
    You say>

    The Prime Minister also raised concerns about increasing carbon concentrations, which he said are “getting dangerously close to 400 parts per million”.

    We all KNOW
    That means dont we!!???

    Methinks that thou art the cause of the massive amount of GARBAGE bein put bout roun HEAH!!

    Which if we employ your thinking, THEN DOES belong to the Government

  6. jus me November 13, 2016 at 1:43 pm


    PS ,
    Ditch de whiskers man yuh does look a Pussy fuh sure.

  7. Sunshine Sunny Shine November 13, 2016 at 2:48 pm

    Mr. Prime Minister you are a real kubba. People generate garbage and the regulatory authority, usually the government, puts systems in place to collect it. Since your government is not interested in recycling, tell me what other programmes you think would work for Barbados waste problem besides blaming the people and thinking that the Cahill Waste to Energy plant would have been the best thing for Barbados since the invention of the turnover. Why the heck you do not think something constructive and sensible like introducing legislation that say all households must now take care of all of their organic waste through composting. Any organic waste found in plastic bags or waste containers will subject the householder to a 250 dollar fine. Then why don’t you tax the crap out of the plastic bag producers in an effort to reduce plastic bag dependency? Following that why the heck you do not let B’s recycling in conjunction with a governmental endorsement to produce a sophiscated plant to recycle those wastes that can be recycled. Why must the matter of waste in Barbados be subjected to all this lot of long talk? Sheessh.

  8. jrsmith November 13, 2016 at 2:57 pm

    We are continuously seeing the display of how backward , non productive , lazy having no management skills or ideas of how to manage (Barbados LTD).
    The excuse this month is climate change, but this is how the minister communicate to the media , not the people………….

    The minister of finance said ),,,,,,,,, consumerism is making it difficult for government to keep up with demand to sustain a good living standard for the people, to remind him thats they job to do so , now we can see why the government is failing they dont understand why they were elected, so all they do is to play with themselves all day …………………………………

    The minister for the environment ) open his mouth again the green economy, to show the world how our government ministers think , Barbados was producing less than ( 200 tonnes of waste per day in 1974 ),, ( today 2016 we are producing 1200 tonnes )..
    Over a period of 4 decades we are producing 6 times more and the issue nothing really has been done because we are still struggling to get it right, another minister forgetting his job…..

    The minister also is also reminding us we have moved from small villages, this is his way of educating us that his job he cant handle… remind ourselves where we are at, a sewage plant was installed in barbados almost decades and still not working properly..

  9. Ossie moore November 15, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    Well old boys! With that amount of waste generated;I must tell you that with that tonnage a whole lot o’ toilet flushing is expected

  10. Ossie moore November 15, 2016 at 12:21 pm

    Toilets may have to be metered for flushes per day if people just flush at will.


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